Rules Page

The objective of the game is to incentivize sales representatives to achieve their targets by relating their performance to the excitement and competitiveness of the NBA Finals. 

The Dream Team    Vs.   Team “And One”

Each representative earns points based on their sales performance (See scoring structure below).

The team that has the most points at the end of each day gets the WIN! Best of 5 Series. The Series winner (first to win 3 games) wins the pot. If a team sweeps the series a new series will begin on the next day.

Slam Dunk Power Hour – A specific hour each day will be designated where all sales during that hour earn double points for their team.

Winning teams will receive points to be used at the CMP online store for purchase upon release.


  1. Reloads, Saves and Upsells
    1. (1) Point for 3-months
    2. (2) Points for 6-months
    3. (3) Points for 12-months
    4. (5) Points for any PIF
  1. New Sales
    1. (2) Points for 3-months
    2. (4) Points for 6-months
    3. (6) Points for12-months
    4. (10) Points for any PIF