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As you should be aware you are now able to make more money on every sale!  There is now an option to use the “Manager Override” feature to INCREASE the total monthly cost, you will not be able to lower the cost at all with this feature and we don’t recommend you use it on the base price of any package as those prices are listed on the website and the customer can see that information.

The best way to utilize this tool will be to use it for any of the UPGRADE items (i.e. Additional City, additional zip code, Hispanic targeting group add on, etc….).  Any over charges will be split between you(the agent) and Scott.

For Example:

Customer is getting the Premium package at $299 a month for 12 months. They want to add the Hispanic Targeting group to there campaign.  Normally it’s an additional $10 per month extra.  You choose to charge $30 additional per month instead.  This will now net an over charge of $20 and you will split that with Scott.  So you will get an additional $10 bonus on this sale for doing this!!

As Scott would say:  “If I were you I would take advantage of this option to make more $$$”!!!!

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