Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service (SR)

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Let’s face it, dealing with customers isn’t easy. They aren’t always right–or even pleasant. But experienced business author Renée Evenson ensures you always have the right words to defuse tense interactions. In Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service, she covers thirty challenging customer behaviors and twenty common employee-caused negative encounters to teach readers how to assess circumstances, choose one of many appropriate responses, and confidently and consistently deliver customer satisfaction. Helpful sample scenarios and tangible instructions bring the phrases to life, while detailed explanations bolster your confidence so that you’ll have the right words as tools at your disposal and the skills to take action and deliver those words effectively. Practical and insightful, Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service ensures you’ll never again be at a loss for what to say to customers. By incorporating language that communicates welcome, courtesy, rapport, enthusiasm, assurance, regret, empathy, and appreciation, you’ll not only be capable of overcoming obstacles–you’ll strengthen all facets of your customer service.