If it wasn’t For the Customers, I’d Really Like This Job – Robert Bacal (PV)

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Are you bedeviled by your difficult customer? Are angry or emotional customers taking out their fears and frustrations on you? Do you find yourself “taking home difficult customers” and letting them rent space in your head? Finally, do you want to take control of even the toughest customer situations, and handle them professionally, quickly, and effectively while reducing your stress levels?
Written for anyone dealing directly with customers in any industry from hospitality to business to business this book provides you with both the principles and words to defuse almost all difficult and scary customer situations. Here are just a few of the things you will learn to do:

Why it’s in YOUR interest to learn how to defuse volatile customer situations
Why customers act in manipulative, aggressive and even childish ways
How the verbal abuse game works, and how to stop the game cold
How to apply the CARP system for defusing customers
How to maintain SELF-CONTROL so you don’t lose your cool, and get “baited”
How to start off customer interaction well and PREVENT escalation
How to choose your words so you come across as helpful and cooperative
How to say no without being antagonistic
How to get customers to STOP ranting, yelling and being aggressive, and getting them to LISTEN
How to apply verbal self-defense techniques to TAKE control

…and tons more. This 8.5 x 11 inch book goes beyond what you’ve ever been taught about difficult customer situations, and allows you to stop feeling like you are powerless in the face of angry customers. It helps you decide what to do, and what to say, and goes way beyond the “;be nice”” advice so often mentioned in other books and training. You WILL learn from the 176 pages of 120 defusing tactics you’ll learn.
There are even chapters for supervisors and managers (and how they can help), dealing with groups of customers and “the audience effect” and dealing with customers in social media.
It’s time to stop feeling like a victim, and empower yourself to be the “go to” person with “tough customers”. Not only will you increase enjoyment of your job, and reduce your stress levels, but you’ll enhance your career prospects. Managers and supervisors DO notice when you can defuse the customers who are “nightmares”. That means career advancement.