You must answer the Transfers

Transfers must be answered by all agents that are qualified no exceptions. The Bird Dog’s job is to get a live person on the phone. At which point you as the seasoned sales agent are required to manage the situation and close the deal. 

If you are not answering the Bird Dog transfers for whatever reason, it’s not your buddy, you don’t think they do a good job, whatever the situation we will have to impose a penalty. 1st time will cost you $500. 2nd time you lost everything and become a Bird Dog yourself. At the end of the day gentlemen we are running a business and need all of our Sales agents closing deals.  

The Bird Dogs job is to get a live person on the phone at which point you take it from there. However if a Bird dog needs training for whatever reason we need to know. You can email Paul at [email protected] you can talk to your running back or let a trainer know. That being said everyone should take any transfers all the time.