Mod 2 – Professionalism


Before we can jump right in to sales calls, let’s go over basic phone etiquette, and the rules and regulations of making calls. We will also go more in depth to our products here. We will go over the script, rebuttals, and sales techniques in the next Module.

Phone Etiquette is very important when making sales calls, your voice and how you present yourself over the phone is all you have to make a sale. Be sure to practice on your down time, rehearse your script with your teammates to find the best tone, pitch, etc.

You represent the Veterans News Network and therefore it is important to conduct yourself with proper Business Like Behavior at all times. Keep in mind the following:

Time Management: Plan out your day. Ask for call back times & call then. Be aware of time zones, Lunch hours, and peak times to reach clients. Have your morning, mid-morning and afternoon planned out so when you arrive to work you are ready.

Posture and Ergonomics: Have your desk clear of distractions. Sit or stand up to keep a professional attitude. Remember to smile while you dial, it is okay to enjoy your work!

Personal Goals: Be realistic, make them meaningful, achievable, and work to increase them. Strive to be the best you at what you’re doing.

Focus on Developing Your Ability: Build confidence and experience. Remember to trust in your process and always think strategy.

Visualize How You Are Regarded by People:  You want them to think you are a highly professional person- someone they can trust, who is knowledgeable, has a solution and will help them improve.

Questioning:  Be prepared to ask good leading questions that will help the customer tell you how they would like for you to sell them.

Objectivity: Remain fair and neutral. People don’t want to be sold, they want help making an informed decision.

Your Mental Approach: The way you see yourself and your ability to sell on the phone. Be professional and confident.

No food or beverages: This may seem like common sense, but always remain professional and do not consuming food or beverages while making or taking a call. Slurping and crunching in a customer’s ear is not professional.

Do Not Visit While On the Phone: Do not talk to your neighbors, regardless if you are on hold or your call is dialing in. This is very unprofessional.


At this time, please review our Quick Links section.  This section contains valuable informational links regarding Product Information, i.e. Artwork Submission info,  Banner Info, etc.; Website Analytics; and Brochures & Other Information. These links are available to you as a great tool to copy and insert into an email template to send to clients!

For example, let’s say that I wish to send a contractor a brochure on the HISA Grant. You can simply go to > Basic Training > Quick Links. Once you find the HISA link down the

Please continue to familiarize yourself with the training site,, and


After completing Module 2 and passing the quiz you will be given a code to move on to Module 3. Write this code down if you plan on moving on to Module 3 at a later time. If you did not receive a code it simply means that you will need to review Module 2 and retake the quiz.

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