Mod 1 – Introduction

Welcome to the Team!

VNNUSA.Net (also referred to as the “.net site”) is where you will begin and continue your training on how to become a successful sales representative –  as well as how to represent the Hometown Hero Project brand. Professionalism is expected from all employees, to include honesty, integrity, and consistent hard work. We cannot over emphasize the importance of honesty in the sales process.  There will be no tolerance to willful dishonesty.

We will cover everything you will need to know in order to effectively sell the Hometown Hero Project brand. Staying focused and applying our proven process is the only way to be successful. You owe it to yourself, so please be sure to read carefully and click all the links for full information. Your success will result in learning valuable skills and significant savings!

Much of this information is also available for you to follow along with in your Training Manual, and Reference Guide.

Who Are We?

The Hometown Hero Project offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to support their local Heroes while at the same time gaining business exposure to the Veteran, Law Enforcement, 1st Responder and Educator Communities.

Take a moment to learn Who We Are and our History & Mission. Our company was founded by a Navy Veteran, Scott Balsiger. The Hometown Hero Project (HTH) has advertising opportunities in over 30 states and over 500 locations nationwide. We also provide our resources online via There are pages for everyone, and is a Veteran style “Angies List” containing not only benefit information but also products and services made available to Veterans across the Country. Our website is fully mobile compatible. Please watch the video below to see how our website appears on mobile devices.

What Do We Do?

Through our various platforms (, Vans For Veterans (V4V), 833-Hero-Help, our Facebook page, Hosts, and the Fraternal Order of Police), HTH is able to reach Veterans across the country and provide them with the resources they need. Please click all links above to view and familiarize yourself with these resource platforms.

For current and potential business customers we have a HTH Information website,, (also referred to as the “.info site”) that provides additional information regarding our advertisement opportunities and programs. Take a moment to visit this site to familiarize yourself with the details of how/what we sell. Understand this website well enough that you can direct clients there to guide them through our products and services. This site is an excellent tool. The .info site is very useful to view and illustrate the value of our video productions.

Please read the Company Mission & Workplace Policy. It is of the utmost importance that you understand and fully comply with the Company Policy. If you have any questions regarding our policies please do not hesitate to ask your trainer. Remember, no question is a dumb question.

Where Are We Located?

HTH has locations showing programming on a continuous loop. This TV programming is our product where you will offer and sell sponsorship advertisement spots to business customers. You can access a map to geographically view these locations. This map can also be found at the header of this training website, and is useful in developing tactics and strategies in designing sales.

Why Do We Do This?

We explain the purpose of the HTH in our info letters as…

Veterans of all ages have made great sacrifices to protect the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day. A Victory Display Ad Package is a great way to show your support and appreciation for Tucson Veterans!

The Hero TV Channel, Hometown Hero Project exclusive programming, plays continuously throughout the day on flat screen TVs at our 500+ hosts. Vets and their families visit these clubs every day, and with your support, we can provide Tucson Veterans with the information they truly need, such as:

  • VA Benefits and health care services, such as PTSD treatment.
  • Employment resources and opportunities specifically for Veterans.
  • Educational and Training Programs and Opportunities.

A Membership with the Hometown Hero Project allows you to demonstrate your support for our Veteran community and stand out as a Veteran Approved Business and get you new customers!

How Do We Do This?

To help Veterans find the resources they need we must connect with businesses who are interested in advertising to Veterans, connecting with the large Military and Veteran community, and/or looking to expand their business otherwise. Once we connect with these businesses we offer them a variety of Products or Services to purchase.

After completing Module 1 and passing the quiz you will be given a code to move on to Module 2. Write this code down if you plan on moving on to Module 2 at a later time. If you did not receive a code it simply means that you will need to review Module 1 and retake the quiz.

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