Becoming A Sales Dog Agent

So you want to start handling incoming bird dog calls…THAT’S GREAT! These incoming calls are from businesses that have expressed an interest in our program making them easier to sell and will increase your sales percentage. Being a  Sales Dog agent requires a great deal of professionalism and knowledge about the phone system. This training lesson is aimed at helping you learn the skills to take advantage of bird dog calls and increase your sales.

How do I Receive Bird Dog Calls?

After a Bird Dog has established interest from the potential customer, they will ask the owner/manager to hold for a moment an blast the call to all qualified Sales Dog Agents. All the qualified agents’ phones will ring, and the first sales agent to pick up will hen gain access to the lead.

This said, if you’re not currently on a call and you see a Bird Dog call come through, accept it. You may be the only agent available, and if you don’t pick up the customer may lose interest, which works against you and the company.

What Happens When I Pick Up?

When you pick up, it is you that will initiate the conversation.

Hello        Bird Dog’s Name       , this is         Your Name       . How are you doing today? (Be professional and polite. Never sound like you are in a hurry or like the phone call interrupted something you had going on. When you answer a call, that call is the most important thing to you.)

The Bird Dog will respond with something along the lines of:

“Hello         Your Name       , this is          Bird Dog’s Name        . I have          Customer’s Name         on the line. His/Her phone number is         Phone        and he/she is a          Occupation          with              Company Name           . He/She is interested in our program and would like to learn more.”

Pay special attention to the PHONE NUMBER, CUSTOMER’S NAME, AND BIRD DOG’S NAME. This information is very important. The customer’s phone number will not come up on your phone. The Bird Dog’s name won’t always come up on the phone.

You will respond with: 

“Thank you       Bird Dog’s Name     , and hello          Customer’s Name         . I can help you learn more about our support program and how we can help you in the process. (Bird Dog will hang up).”

From here the sale is up to you.

What Special Actions Do I Need to Take?

  • When the Bird Dog gives you the customer’s phone number, you will need to search for it in Vanilla Soft to pull up the lead.
    • You will notice that when the call initially comes through, two leads will show. You will only have access to one, which is why you must search the phone number.
  • Once the lead comes up, the first thing you should do is click on the Links Tab and select the Bird Dog’s name from the list
    • This is important, because we need to track the number of Bird Dog calls that become sales.
    • We also want to track the number and amount of sales that result from each Bird Dog Agent.
    • Why do it right from the start? Because if the sale doesn’t happen until a week or month later, you may forget who the Bird Dog Agent & Bird Dog Sale without a Bird Dog Agent selected is an incomplete order.
    • Give credit where credit is due. The Bird Dog Agents work hard to make sure you are getting quality leads.

Problems That May Arise:

  • Phone transfers don’t always occur as expected. There can be machine error or human error (or a combination of both)… nobody’s perfect. Be ready for dropped calls. Don’t get frustrated or angry, we’ve all done it.
  • Computers can be slow. So when you enter a phone number, it may take some time to pull up the lead. Don’t create dead air. Start talking about what we do, while you wait. There is no information that you could possibly need from Vanilla Soft that could prevent you from talking about our project.
    • DON’T talk to a customer like “Please hold a moment while I pull up your information” indicate you are not ready for them and that they are a cold call in a database.
    • DO talk to the customer like you know what your talking about. Fill the dead space with professional friendly statements.

Vanilla Soft may not pull up the lead. Again, sometimes computers are finicky. Expect that the lead won’t pull up, then it will be a happy surprise when it does.

    • If a lead doesn’t pull up it’s not the end of the world. That is what scratch paper is for.
    • DO NOT mention to the customer that you can’t find your information in the system. The scratch paper is your new “system”.
    • After the call you can get all the technical stuff figured out. We want provide the client with a sense of our readiness to help them.
  • If there are issues with transfers or with Bird Dog agents, tell your team leader or quarterback. As we all know, sometimes we get into a rush, and that greatly impacts our efficiency and effectiveness.

What is Different Between A Bird Dog Sale and A Regular Sale?

Short answer…nothing! You are still responsible for making the pitch and the sale. The customer may have been told about certain support aspects of our program by the Bird Dog, but the products and the sale are up to you. Although you can skip the pitchy introductions, use the regular sales pitch with whichever modifications have helped you in the past. Sound like you want their support to help heroes, and you want to help them get more business. Of course, do not sound robotic or like your pitching. Keep it like a natural conversation.

You do have an advantage over a regular sales person, though: The client has already expressed interest, that’s why your getting the call. You know that feeling you get while talking to a customer and start to realize that they are actually listening to you? You sit up, stand up, or sit on the edge of your seat. You start paying more attention to your words and those of the customer, everything around you starts to drown out and you focus on the job at hand. That is how Bird Dog phone calls should be from the moment you pick up.

Take the final exam below to show your knowledge of the above information. Becoming a Bird Dog Sales Agent gives you the potential to make more sales and more money. Be professional and be honest.


There are two sets of Bird Dog folders. The first contains leads which have not yet been called by the Bird Dog agents and therefore not transferred to a sales agent. The other contains the leads that have been sent to you and other sales agents.

If you “steal” leads from the first folder and sell them before a Bird Dog has the opportunity to call them, we will know and there are “punishments”:

The first infraction will result in a $50 loss to your hiring bonus and loss of connected sale.

The second infraction will result in a $50 loss, loss off connected sale and removal from the Bird Dog Project

At the end of the exam you will be asked to indicate your acceptance of these terms, and you will also need to sign a paper copy of the contract.


Welcome to your Bird Dog Sales Agent Final.