Special Project Policy Update

June 5, 2019

Due to upcoming system changes to VanillaSoft (and for preparing our move to Five9), some additional changes are being made to the Special Project Policy.

1. There will be no more special projects for Teams as a whole.

2. 500, pre-uploaded leads will be given to the finder (final total may differ due to duplicates).

3. All Remaining leads will go to their respective cert folders.

*Policy subject to change pending new CRM.


June 3, 2019

Leads are divided among the requesting team as follows: 25% for the team, all additional leads go into CERT folders.


Once 30 days have passed by, any leads remaining in folders that have not been called will be subject to removal and placed into Cert Folders. Research must be done on all request and team must agree before submission. Team Captains must be notified of wanted scrapes for final approval in which case they will fill out the Cognito Form for their team or scrape and generate the leads themselves if under 100.

The data department only needs One link to a website and then a list of what is wanted. (Not 100 links to the same site). Also know that if they are requesting to pick and choose from a site, the data dept. will be scraping the whole site and releasing the rest to the Whole Company. It is not good business to only scrape parts of a website. 

*Policy subject to change pending new CRM.