Professional Services Final

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Demand for beauty services is largely driven by number of salons in a specific area.

When dealing with a repair shop, you first want to build sentiment in helping the heroes, then create a connection between their services and the needs of our heroes.

You are talking to Ella, the owner of Ella's Cleaning. She states her business is largely based on word of mouth. How can you excite her about our services?

Which statement below would be a good sales point with the owner of a day care?

Jack owns a watch repair shop in Florida. He wants to help support the veterans, but he doesn't like advertising on the internet because it gives too much power to customers to rate their services. What, if anything, should you tell Jack?

Demand for beauty services is lagrely driven by demographics and population growth.

Which of the following are good facts to point out to a beauty salon/barber shop? (Select all that apply)

Real Name
Phone Name
Unit Name
Email Address

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