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Is it good advice that a plumber take some business cards and a few handbooks down to the Club and introduce himself - especially if he or a family member is a Veteran?

Generally, all water leaving a residence, commercial facility, or office is called what?

Plumbers sometimes say their job smells like money. Why do you think this is?

Since a plumber is generally a small business, how can our program help them save expenses in the long run?

How can a plumber help in our mission to inform Veterans of their benefits?

I am preparing to call local plumbers to enroll in our program. What do you think is the most effective aspect of my pitch?

Since most plumbers are owner-operators, it is very important that your emotion-to-fact ratio is heavy on the facts.

Because a leak or plumbing problem can result in catastrophic damages to a home, all homeowners should do what?

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