HNN Training Module #3

Welcome to your HNN Training Module #3

All the examples below are commonly used phrases except:
What is the definition for SLANG?
True or False: Your Voice Reflects your Attitude.
An example of Preparation would be:
Is it ok to say “Our Website is like Angie’s List for Veterans”
Cadence is defined as:
Which option would be an example of Inflection:
True or False: The Heroes News Network offers an opportunity to learn a real trade!
True or False: Communication is the key to making sales.
You should always focus on the following:
Rules of engagement involve which one of the following:
True or False: You can tell a customer “I work for the post”
True or False: Voice Inflection is the speed at which you talk.
Pitch refers to what:
Objectivity means:
Examples of words and phrases not to say would be:
There are 3 types of voice tones available however only TWO should ever be used. The two are:
Example of Slang is:
True or False: You should always be Professional and Business like when talking to a customer:
Time management would be:

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