Heating and Air Final

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John is an HVAC company owner. He tells you that he is worried about possible competition in his area. You tell him that he will be the only HVAC company showing at the local VFW and he doesn't need to worry about competition. Did you do the right thing?

As A HTH sales agent, it is important to carefully include emotion in your statements, because people often make purchases based on their emotions.

Smaller HVAC companies get most of their new business through referrals and word-of-mouth.

You are talking to George, an HVAC business owner who is a Veteran himself. Which information below would help you connect with George?

A qualified HVAC repair technician will not know when special permits are required to complete a repair.

The typical cost of an HVAC repair is between $120 and $600 for labor.

What does HVAC stand for?

The HVAC profession deals with all of the following except:

What are the bad things that can happen if a person decides to do their own HVAC work without proper training or permits? (Select all that apply)

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