Motivating With Sales Contests

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This book shows you everything you need to know to run morale-enhancing, sales-boosting, turnover-reducing contests. Plus you get 79 actual, tested and proven sales contests explained in detail you can run immediately! You’ll learn, Why and how to keep contests simple How long contests should and shouldn’t last What to avoid that’s sure to demotivate reps How to keep contests fresh How to keep production, and interest, high at all times How to set goals, who should and shouldn’t win What to use and not use for prizes, why money isn’t the best choice

Look at What Others Said After Using These Contests!

“It’s must reading for managers who want to create fresh challenges for their reps and increase sales.” John Harris, Fidelity Investments

“It’s a great addition to our office!” Claudia Wallace, Southwestern Bell

“I recommend this book to anyone, who, like me, doesn’t have the time to be creative.” Dawn Mathern, Great Plains Software