Friction Free Sales and Marketing

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Your customer feels resistant. It’s a natural response whenever you attempt to influence someone.

There are 3 types of psychological resistance: Resistance to your sales process, to your offer, and to change itself. The people you influence will experience at least one of these, if not all.

When you understand resistance, and the psychology of persuasion, closing the sale becomes effortless. You remove the psychological barriers and buying is the obvious next step.

Traditional sales techniques don’t address your customer’s resistance. They’ll teach you fancy closing techniques and ways to boost benefits, but the resistance is still there.

What you want is a sales strategy (or marketing strategy) that keeps your customer moving forward. Without friction.

That’s what Friction Free Sales and Marketing gives you. It draws from research on the psychology of resistance and shows you how to make your sales process (or any form of persuasive communication) friction free.

You’ll learn:

  • What’s going on inside your customer’s mind and what stops them in the sales process.
  • How to address the three types of resistance so you won’t have to push to get your customer moving.
  • How and when your sales process creates resistance and how to fix it.
  • How to lower refund rates. (Buyer’s remorse comes from resistance left after the sale.)
  • How to sell more without adding any additional benefits or costs.

The psychological principles in Friction Free Sales and Marketing will improve your persuasive writing and copy writing, marketing, selling to groups, selling face-to-face, selling to big companies, and negotiation skills. Reducing resistance amplifies all your persuasion skills.

The psychology of resistance is universal. You’ll increase your conversion rates with less effort and at a lower cost. It’s persuasion without pushing or hype.

Get Friction Free Sales and Marketing and discover the 18 strategies that reduce resistance. You’ll find dozens of examples and worksheets to help you understand and fully implement each strategy today.