Sample of what the Text Link looks like when sent to a customer

Email Customer will receive when sending a PayPal Invoice

Once customer clicks on e-mail this will show up on their screen with all of their information (provided it was filled out correctly when put into the order invoice)

At the bottom they will see this page.  Customer needs to click on the I Agree box and THEN click on the PayPal Button at the bottom.

Once they have clicked the PayPal link it will take them directly to either create an account or if they have one their device may recognize them automatically.

Once loaded this screen comes up.  They will have the option of using PayPal Credit once on this page or they can simply add their own credit card in.

Once they select the PayPal Credit app they will have to go through the process of filling out the required information to get the approval. Customer then clicks on “Continue to Review Order” button.

This screen will then come up to show customer is being redirected to finish paying with us

Once everything is excepted they will get the PayPal Invoice.

They will soon after receive an invoice receipt from Community Marketing Partnership showing the amount of purchase

The customer will then receive this receipt from PayPal as well showing the amount paid directly to us.

Final receipt the customer receives from PayPal.