July Calculator Updates

  1.  Geo-Fencing Sales require a selection from a dropdown menu to determine the trial period (and subsequent total sales amount)
    1. Month to Month sale totals (to determine your bonuses) are determined based on the following criteria:
      1. PAYMENT MADE AT TIME OF SALE = 12 Months
      2. CC ON FILE = 6 MONTHS
      3. NO CARD ON FILE customer understands that it is a recurring charge = 3 MONTHS
      4. Customer refuses to allow recurring billing = 1 MONTH
        you must choose ‘1 Month Trial Period’
  2.  HTHProject.com listings are no longer a free item.
    The price for a HTHProject.com listing is $9 per month.
  3.  The Generic Landing Page is now $9 per month (was $9.99)
  4.  A option has been added to the Premium Targeting Groups that will allow you to change the area that you are targeting.
    1. Instead of targeting the entire city you can focus on 1. up to 5 zip codes or 2. all zip codes in a 5 mile radius.
    2. In the event that your customer is in a small town (that has fewer than 5 zip codes) you can choose additional zip codes or you can use the 5 mile radius to expand the target area into surrounding towns.
  5.  If you would like to change the demographics of the cell phone user, you must select “Custom” in the ‘Cell Phone Demographics Option’ drop down field.