“I’m Calling From My Desk”

Hello Team,

I wanted to take a minute to get us all on the same page. We are no longer allowed to say, “I’m calling from my desk” or “I’m calling from my phone” when you are asked “where are you calling from?”- this of course was my mistake in explaining pattern disruption for that I apologize for the confusion.

We must always be respectful to the customer and gatekeeper, at no point are you ever allowed to be rude or negative to anyone on a phone call. We expect all Home Town Hero Project Employees to remain professional and courteous at all times. Our mission is to help Hero’s and we cannot achieve this goal if our sponsors feel misled. So in moving forward when you are asked, “where are you calling from” you may tell them

“I’m working with the (project Name)”

and if push to know your location then let them know you are calling from Tucson AZ.