Rebuttal Of The Day


“I’ve got more business than I can handle”


“I want to make sure you stay that way. So let’s get you available to the people looking for you. I’m sure that if you were to generate more business, you could find the help necessary to get the job done, right?”

  1. Slow down! You are probably talking too fast.
  2. Are you smiling while you are talking?
  3. Be interested in what the person on the other line has to say. Be sincere.
  4. Are you interrupting the customer? DON'T. Let them talk.
  5. Have you been practicing your rebuttals?
If the customer does not have an email address or would prefer for us to send their Order Confirmation and Ad Proof by USPS/mail then all you need to do is put [email protected] as the email address.

How do I handle “This is a scam? A New one is you guys have 4 bad reviews. For the 4 bad reviews you can say “We're proud of our BBB rating only 4 bad reviews for thousands of accounts is not bad, plus our rating is an A+ so don’t be afraid to take it head on. Gathering information is part of the new agent training so that should alleviate the no email address. Is this a scam? Well you should make sure and let them know that we have been in VSO’s for many years and if we were a scam then we wouldn’t be allowed to be in those establishments.

Sales will be put in Scott's name until the payment is made. UNLESS the agent or anyone involved tells a lie to the client (or us) that directly causes the client to cancel, or results in us having to cancel/refund the clients purchase. For example, you mentioned EXCLUSIVE. Or the all time favorite...I will stop calling Realtors after I sell to you.