Rebuttal Of The Day


“Are you selling leads?” Or “I don’t buy leads”


“Even though I’m not selling leads, I’m giving you exposure on average of 4,000 times a month” || “I’m not selling leads or a list of prospects to chase down. How this works is I custom create your ad and deliver ___ impressions/views directly to to individuals who are seeking your services. I’m confident you see the value, right?”

Sales Agent(SA): Hold just a second, while I connect us to the Finance Department.
Finance Department(FD):
Hello, this is XXXX, how can I help you?

Hi (FD), this is [Your Name], I have [Customers Name] on the phone, he is a [ARMY/NAVY Etc..] Veteran. Their # is _____ .

($1 SALE) They are joining the Project today with a $1 down, with a  ____ month subscription. The setup fee of $199 wont be processed for 30 days. After 30 days the $____ a month subscription payment will start.     
IMPORTANT: MUST be a $1 C/C payment TODAY with Auto Payments! (No $5 bonus on $1 sales for SA or FD)

(OLD SCHOOL) They are joining the Project today with a ___month trial subscription for $XXX per month. They are making a payment today /OR/ They will be making a Payment In Full today.For $5-dollar bonus, SA must state Either: “They are making a payment today /OR / They are making a payment in FULL today.” Anything else said about how much or how they are paying defaults bonus. CLIENT MUST GIVE US A C/C OR CHECK BY PHONE TODAY.

SA: Only speak if: Client/Finance person asks you to join in or the sale appears to be going sidways.

FD: Hey [Customers Name] how are you doing today? We are so excited your joing the project today!
Will you be using Visa or Master Card?

If paying today with Credit Card or Check by phone, FD says:  Awesome, do you have any questions for [SA] before we finish the sponsorship?  Thanks [SA] you can disconnect, I’ll take care of [clients name] on a secured line.
(SA): Thanks again for supporting the Project, it’s been a pleasure working with you, etc….HANG UP.Do not go onto another call. Stay at your desk.

D: [OK [Customers Name] now that we are on a secure line, what is the card #…..etc…..

If Mailing a check, no payment or no credit card on file, FD say: Great! And how will that first payment be made? What email address should I send the invoice to? IF ITS $1 PAYMENT AND THERE IS NO PAYMENT – TELL PHIL!!!!

Pitch Free Items for Making a Payment: We’ve got a great special offer!  By making your first payment today I can add a City Wide Bottom Banner on to your sponsorship at NO COST.  If the customer agrees, go to #1 above.

Pitch Free Item for getting a credit card on file: I understand there wont be a payment today, however by just setting up a payment method today, I can EITHER Double your Ad Time on the Hero TV OR give you a Preferred Listing Upgrade on Try to mention, in order to better help the Veteran Project, the automatic payment keeps our costs down, and we have found business people like yourself are so busy they can be really hard to get ahold of.  If the customer agrees, go to #1 above.

FD:  Do you have a minute to make sure that we have the correct information for your Ad? If YES, ask question’s below. If NO, thank them and complete Verification call.

  1. What is the phone number you want on your ad?  If the customer provides you with a different phone number for the ad, make sure the agent puts this into the AGENT NOTES, THESE PRINT section of VS.
  2. What e-mail address do you want on your Ad?  If the customer provides you with a different email address for the ad, make sure the agent puts this into the AGENT NOTES, THESE PRINT section of VS.
  3. What website address do you want on your ad? If the customer provides you with a different website for the ad, make sure the agent puts this into the AGENT NOTES, THESE PRINT section of VS.
  4. What physical address do you want on your ad? If the customer provides you with a different address for the ad, make sure the agent puts this into the AGENT NOTES, THESE PRINT section of VS.

    Thanks again for supporting the Project we will will send you out the sale agreement right away!

Important Information & Tips: You CANNOT EVER tell the (SA) or Customer a payment amount, start date, number of payments etc…is not allowed, your response is always: Sounds Great!Don’t worry, we will deal with the agents mistake later!! IMPORTANT – you must tell the team leader IMMEDIATELY that there may be a problem with the sale
It is important the client understand you are going to FINISH the SPONSORSHIP – Make sure you say it.

Detailed Instructions:

Monthly Subscription Payment:

Before finishing a monthly payment say: (customers name) we will be setting up a payment starting today for ($000.00) of XX months. Im ready for that card number when your ready

If they agree to setting up a credit card:Setup customer with Automatic Payments. Let them know todays payment was successful and they’ll be receiving an email receipt shortly.

If still no, say: No problem at all, one of our Customer Service Reps will give you a call: for your next payment, every 30 days, after you see your proof, after you see your ad at the club etc…. (never say CSR)

Invoice Me! If the customer is not making a payment at the time of the phone call (will not give CC or Check by Phone) you MUST then say: “Not a problem! Just to verify you are joining the Project for ($$$)? If customer says yes, finish up call. If customer says NO or I’m not committing to anything – then get the client back to the agent.

These are some FAQ’s clients ask:

  1. When will I see a proof? 1-3 days
  2. Am I guaranteed results? We do guarantee exposure; however, we cannot guarantee results.
  3. Cancellation Policy: You are allowed to cancel at any point during your trial period! An early termination fee equal to your regular monthly payment will be charged when cancelling prior to your trial period end date. If we have started work on your project, the setup fee will apply. Our terms and conditions can be found by clicking here
  1. If there is “uncertainty” during verification, say: There are certain expenses that we incur as a company that are not cancellable. Our job is to verify that you’ll be moving forward and joining our project today?
  2. If after agent disconnects and client backs out of the sale say: No, problem – (Agent) is standing by, I’ll reconnect him. After briefly explaining problem, stay on the line unless it appears that it’s going to be a long conversation. (note – do not ask permission to reconnect, just do it. When agents phone starts to ring conference with client – do not leave client on hold) IF sales fails, upload call to website, call Victor or Steve. Also tell agent to talk to Victor or Steve to hear the call.
  3. For $5-dollar bonus, agent must state Either, “They are making a payment today.” Or “They are making a payment in FULL today.” Anything else said about how much or how they are paying defaults bonus.

How to conference call back to (SA):

Hit Conf. Button on phone.

Enter agents ext. and then dial button

Hit Conf.  button again, agent will be connected with you again. If agent is not there you can cancel call

IF SALE GOES SIDEWAYS – Get the (SA) back on the phone!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: sometimes the FD will ask you to disconnect even when no payment is being made today. That is allowed in order for the FD to have a 1-1 talk with client.

Now you can:

  1. Add additional cities, metro areas or states
  2. Add Venue Ads to the geo-fencing sales
    The ads on the Venue TVs will be the Large Geo-fencing Banner Ad.
    An additional OTS sized ad WILL NOT be created.
  3. Add additional artwork versions

If you receive a request to change a customer’s geo-fencing campaign (target groups, area, etc.) please use the campaign change form located here.

  1.  Geo-Fencing Sales require a selection from a dropdown menu to determine the trial period (and subsequent total sales amount)
    1. Month to Month sale totals (to determine your bonuses) are determined based on the following criteria:
      1. PAYMENT MADE AT TIME OF SALE = 12 Months
      2. CC ON FILE = 6 MONTHS
      3. NO CARD ON FILE customer understands that it is a recurring charge = 3 MONTHS
      4. Customer refuses to allow recurring billing = 1 MONTH
        you must choose ‘1 Month Trial Period’
  2. listings are no longer a free item.
    The price for a listing is $9 per month.
  3.  The Generic Landing Page is now $9 per month (was $9.99)
  4.  A option has been added to the Premium Targeting Groups that will allow you to change the area that you are targeting.
    1. Instead of targeting the entire city you can focus on 1. up to 5 zip codes or 2. all zip codes in a 5 mile radius.
    2. In the event that your customer is in a small town (that has fewer than 5 zip codes) you can choose additional zip codes or you can use the 5 mile radius to expand the target area into surrounding towns.
  5.  If you would like to change the demographics of the cell phone user, you must select “Custom” in the ‘Cell Phone Demographics Option’ drop down field.

Premium targeting groups are a set of targeting options developed for specific lines of business.  The premium groups offer more direct targeting of customers. You can remove any of the included groups from the premium list if your client chooses.

These groups are $100 per month.

New Premium Targeting Groups:

Real Estate Pro Targeting Group

  • 1 zip code or All Zip Codes within a 5 Mile Radius
  • Renters over 30
  • Household income over $50,000
  • Area Vet Clubs
  • Area Military Base (if applicable)

VA Loan Specialist Premium Targeting Group

  • 1 zip code or All Zip Codes within a 5 Mile Radius
  • Veteran Homeowners
  • Household income over $50,000
  • Credit Score over 650
  • Current Mortgage is FHA or Conventional
  • Area Vet Clubs
  • Area Military Base (if applicable)

Fitness Center Power Targeting Group

  • All Zip Codes within a 5 Mile Radius
  • Weight Loss Centers (local or national)
  • Juice Bars (i.e. Jamba Juice)
  • Vitamin Stores (i.e. GNC)
  • Sporting Good Stores
  • Healthy Grocers (i.e. Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods)
  • Area Vet Clubs
  • Area Military Base (if applicable)

Auto Dealer Premium Targeting Group

  • All Zip Codes within a 5 Mile Radius
  • Car Rental locations
  • Auto Repair stores
  • Auto Part Stores
  • Collision Centers
  • Tow Yards
  • Junk Yards/ Pull-A-Part place
  • Injury Attorney
  • Credit Unions
  • Car Audio stores
  • Area Vet Clubs
  • Area Military Base (if applicable)

Auto Repair Premium Targeting Group

  • All Zip Codes within a 5 Mile Radius
  • Car Rental locations
  • Auto Repair stores
  • Auto Part Stores
  • Collision Centers
  • Tow Yards
  • Junk Yards/ Pull-A-Part place
  • Injury Attorney
  • Credit Unions
  • Car Audio stores
  • Tire Shops
  • Area Vet Clubs
  • Area Military Base (if applicable)

Update: 3/25/2019

We are very excited to announce that after release you are now eligible for 10% Residual on subscriptions you’ve sold!!! You’ll continue to receive the 10% each and every month as long as you continue selling for Hometown Hero Project. Should you be unable to work for us, you’ll continue to receive 10% Residual on your sold subscriptions for up to 4 months.
  • Of course your customer must continue to make the monthly payments.
  • You must work for us up to your time of release.
  • Your sales will need to meet or exceed your average last 3 months.

Remember – if the taste of freedom and money fail to motivate you to stay out of prison, you loose it all.

Update: 1/29/2019

If you cannot work in our Phoenix office selling we will consider having you work from home. One requirement will be that you pay for a bird dog for at least 20 hours each week at 11 to $15 per hour. The hourly rate is dependent on the skill of the bird dog. The reason for this is because we want to see you succeed and by having skin in the game along with the proven success that bird dogs have shown

Read this!!! Business Taxes for the Self-Employed and 1099 sample

A draw is a loan from the company to the salesperson that is carried forward until the sales person earns sufficient commissions and/or incentives to repay it or until the employee is no longer employed with the company. The draw will be repaid as follows:
  • The outstanding draw will be withheld from earned commissions and/or incentives.
  • If a salesperson’s employment is terminated prior to full repayment of the draw, then the amount outstanding becomes due and payable in full at the time of termination. The company reserves the right to withhold the outstanding balance from any other form of compensation due to the salesperson to include salary, commissions, incentives, and reimbursable expenses.
  • Although its great to make a huge sale, there is much risk in the client disputing the charge with their credit card company or cancelling the check. Most credit cards allow up to 90 days to dispute, American Express is 120 days. Checks are totally cleared 20 days after we deposit.  During this risk period, we cannot pay you more then the outstanding amount you have in un-paids. Example: You sold a $30,000 package and got paid on the same day, client used a VISA. Your commission would be $12,000, you have $5,000 in un-paid solds. The max we can pay you is $7,000. Get more unpaids and we will pay you more. Otherwise it have to wait the 90 days.
  • Max Draw of $3,000 a month.
  • Potential $1500 per pay period.
  • 40% of all paid sales will be given to Sales Agent per pay period.
  • Pay periods are earned, 1st to 15th of month, followed by 16th to end of month. VNN will always be paid back first.
  • 2 to 5 days are required for check or to deposit money into your account after a pay period. (Pay periods may fall on a holiday or weekend.)
  • We will discontinue paying out a draw if accounts are not being paid on and you’ve become in the “RED” of $3,000. Once the amount owed goes below $3,000, we will begin paying out a draw.
  • NEVER STOP SELLING!!! If at any point sales are low or stop coming in, we will review your ability to earn a draw.
Before issuance of the draw, the salesperson will be required to sign a copy of this policy stating that he understands the terms for repayment.

The way a movie is earned is based on the previous month’s weekly sales average.

Example June 2019 the unit sold $600,000 for the month the weekly average would be $150,000.

The respective unit must hit the weekly average to enjoy a movie on Friday. Now if the unit exceeds the weekly sales goal, the difference can be put into the bank and used later.

Each unit Sales Manager will be required to monitor and track the weekly sales goal and bank balances.

If the unit falls short of their sales goal and does not have anything in their bank a movie can still be earned based on collection percentage. The collection percentage cannot be carried over and is only based on the previous and current weeks collection percentage.

For every 1% over the previous weeks collection the unit will be awarded a credit of $10,000 to use toward hitting their sales goal.

Effective immediately all sales $5,000 and above will stay with the originating sales agent for the life of the account, for re-load and up-sell potential.

We can show you how to sell, how to enter orders – its really not that difficult. The #1 reason agents don’t stick around is that they don’t follow our procedures. Integrity is key to your success. Be honest to yourself, us and your customers.