Sales Conversion Example

Client just paid their last payment of $166 on a VDA. He pitched her a $224 package. She wasn’t going to or couldn’t afford to make another payment at this time. Suggest that instead, once a client makes their last payment on a VDA, we immediately call up and offer a M-2-M geo on recurring and offer to credit the last payment towards first payment of Geo.

  1. They have already bought into the program and more willing to buy – especially if we offer something new.
  2. In this case she will pay us $58 for first month.
  3. In case where old payment exceeds new payment we will pay 100% of first geo payment
  4. Client must have track record of paying on time and have a card on file.
  5. It’s our way of saying thank you for past payment.
  6. If clients first full payment is not made by end of the following month, it will not go towards bonuses – this shouldn’t be an issue for sales early in the month…. gets a little tight for end of month sales…but that’s the risk QB’s take.
  7. The account cannot be currently on a VDA Subscription.