Local Phone Numbers (Updated 10/24/2019)

How our Local number works:

The number that shows up on a customers caller ID is determined by  Vanilla Soft and Connect Me Voice.

Vanilla Soft and Connect Me Voice recognizes where you are calling, from the area code, and will use our purchased local number with the same area code as the area you are calling.

For example:

If you’re calling Alaska, and the customers number has a 907 area code. Vanilla Soft and Connect Me Voice recognizes that and uses our purchased local number (907) 331-4234.

If the customer you are calling has a different area code, for example 302, and we do not have a purchased local phone number for that area. By default, Vanilla Soft uses our local 520 number.

In Vanilla Soft the “our local number” slot is for agents to use when leaving a voice mail. It is only there as a quick reference.

Local Phone Numbers (10/24/2019):