Tax season is upon us and we need to take advantage of this time to get the various tax services on board with our project to ensure they can reach the greatest number of potential customers. Use these hooks as a way to get the customer interested

Here are some good talking points to keep the customer interested

  • “Are your customers mostly personal or business filers?”
  • “What is their income bracket?”
  • “Do they own businesses or rental properties?”
  • “What’s the average age of your customers?”

These leads are a golden opportunity to put money in your pockets, so strike while the iron is hot!

Remember that these businesses have a budget to advertise and this time of year is the when they need our services the most. The “YES” is there and can be obtained if you put the skillsets you all possess and the the drive that you put forth will return with the rewards of a many sales. Keep a positive attitude and remain diligent in your efforts in order to make the most of this window of opportunity!