Tax Season Is Coming Gentlemen

Use these lines to hook the customer

  • “Are you a CPA?”
    • If no, then ask “Does your office handle bookkeeping?”
  • If no again, respond with “So you’re getting ready for tax season?”
  • “Do you offer rebates or discounts to veterans and first-responders?”
  • “Do you offer a tax refund advance loan?”
  • This hook opens doors to lead into the need to inform the public that they offer this service for when January comes around and people are looking for money quick to recover from the holidays or any other reasons

Stick to the script and remember this is the time for their customers to start thinking about their services, so that means they need us!

Take advantage of this prime time to get these tax advisors on board with our company’s project because many of these folks are seasonal and may work another LOB during the rest of the year and that could be another potential sale down the road