Here are some great statements to make to potential customers to build on the value and opportunities that our company provides:

1: When talking to a client about listing their home, let them know that you are working with a top tier marketing partner. You don’t have to be an expert – we can help you impress your clients with your marketing skills. We have completed/created tens of thousands of ads…trust us, let us do it for you.

2: You can count on us to be your buttoned up marketing partners… (Reference our professionalism and build value)

3: Our Real Estate clients average 50,000 views, how incredible is that right? Look,  what makes us effective is we know the most important view is your clients view. If they don’t see it, it didn’t happen! So let us deliver your message to the people showing an interest in your service. (FOR REAL ESTATE YOU MUST SAY THE HOME SELLER INSTEAD OF INTERESTED IN YOUR SERVICE)

4: Easy Geo isn’t selling you leads, but that doesn’t mean it won’t drive you business. There are over 160 million leads sold each year and only 5.5 million homes. So let’s leverage your expertise to people looking for your service. (FOR REAL ESTATE REFERENCE PEOPLE LOOKING TO SELL HOMES NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR SERVICE)