If you are struggling to make a sale, your days may become long and tedious. You find yourself worrying about how long you will have your job. You become stressed-out and that won’t help you.

We often hear the maxim: “I work better under pressure.” For most people that is true. Psychologically-speaking we work better when there is an underlying force driving us to reach goal. Pressure can be a positive influence on how we handle our day.

However, the gray line between pressure and stress is thin. Once the line is crossed into stress, it is very difficult to get back on track. Chemically speaking, your brain is overloaded and is unable to get back to a healthy balance.

Moreover, there are some serious health consequences associated with stress, including ulcers, heart-burn, sleep problems, and high blood pressure… all of which will keep you from reaching your potential.

So, embrace pressure and use it to your advantage. If you begin to feel like you are becoming stressed out ask yourself whether or not worrying will help you on the next sale. Confidence and composure will get you that $1000 sale–maybe not on the first call, but it will happen.

Control the pressure, don’t let it control you.