• We like to get your credit card on file (COF) so that there is no delay when your views are ready to go live.  We don’t process the payment until that time when your ad is approved, that way your views are ready to go to your targeted audience.
  • This is not a requirement to begin work for you, however, your views do not go live until a payment has been made.  Getting your COF removes any delay in the views going live.

Why should I do this/Take a leap of faith…

  • The reason for our (trial or) month to month subscription is to show you what this can do for you.  I am 100% confident this will be a lucrative opportunity for you and your business.
  • I don’t want you to wake up 2 days from now, go to your cellphone or pc to read the news or get the weather and see your competitor’s ad and realize you’ve missed an amazing opportunity.  That’s what could happen if you pass on this – I don’t want you to miss this opportunity.
  • If I didn’t call you today, how would you reach (advertise to) this particular (or specific) demographic?
  • How are you reaching (advertising to) your specific target market? (demographic, audience, etc.)
  • Are you aware that geo-fencing is 20X more effective than traditional advertising media?
  • We can specifically target your competition’s customers (think of people in a competitor’s fitness center – on a treadmill, listening to Spotify and getting an ad asking, “Paying Too Much For Your Workout?”

I’m already doing well or have enough business

  • I’m sure you’re doing great.  I didn’t call you by accident, you are exactly what we need (who we need) for this project.
  • We can target (specific) people in your area who are ready to purchase your (goods and/or services).
  • We are able to reach people in your area who rely on your (goods and/or services).
  • We are able to reach people in your area who you are not currently able to reach to purchase your (goods and/or services).

How long do I have to commit/Contract Duration

Remember that this should never be brought up yourself or as part of your sales pitch, and only when the customer asks about their commitment or contract duration

  • So we’re going to have you available for 12 months, with a money back guarantee. Meaning if we don’t fulfill our end of the bargain with the promised views or promised engagements, we will refund you on any unused items, no questions asked.


  • I totally understand… if you don’t mind me asking, how are you currently reaching your customers/ using your marketing budget/ reaching (the veterans in your area) (your intended audience/market).
  • I’m not.  Really?  Did you know that there are ____ thousands of veterans /teachers/police/fire/potential customers in your area that rely on your (goods and/or services).
  • This allows you to compete on the same level as/playing field as competitors who are much larger (have larger budgets) at a fraction of the cost.
  • I’ve heard other clients say this was a little more than what they had planned to spend but they’ve been glad they did.  The bottom line is this is simple, it works (is effective) and it’s completely affordable.  It’s also 20X more effective than traditional advertising media.
  • (Small price difference…)  (Name), we’re $50 dollars off of what you’re willing to pay for this product. That’s $1.66 per day from you getting exactly what you want!  Is that going to keep you from doing this?  From potentially gaining more clients/customers for your business?
  • Discuss longer commitment times/lower pricing. The bottom line is this is simple, it works (is effective) and it’s completely affordable.

Get back to building value (See Value Sheet).  Were you aware that geo-fencing is 20X more effective than traditional advertising media?…

For confident/experienced agents…

I know this sounds like a little more than what you had planned to spend but be grateful you’re in a position where you can take advantage of this to better position your business for success.


I know this sounds like a little more than what you had planned to spend but you should congratulate yourself for being in a position to make this decision to better position your business for success.  Not everyone can recognize the potential this represents for growth.

Over budget…

  • 90% of the clients I speak with say they’re over-budget.  Just because you’ve made decisions in the past that didn’t make sense or you purchased something you really didn’t need shouldn’t mean that you penalize yourself today from getting the product that does make sense and will potentially increase your ability to help your business succeed.  You want to separate the bad decisions from this one.  Let’s do this.
  • Name, there is no shortage of money on this planet, it can be reproduced.  What there is, is a shortage of is opportunities to gain prospective or potential clients.  This campaign will potentially produce more clients for you, potentially producing more money in the future.

I only market to high-end clients

  • That’s great!  We can target specific income levels, credit scores, affluent communities/zip codes, high-end retail stores (geographic retail areas – think Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills or 5th Ave NYC, high-end malls anywhere).  It sounds like these are the exact customers your business would benefit from reaching.
  • Wouldn’t it be worth it if you gained just one or two clients from this lucrative opportunity?
  • Some affluent veterans include names I’m sure you recognize… John Kerry, John McCain, Clint Eastwood, Montel Williams, Chuck Norris, Morgan Freeman, Ice-T.

I need to think about this

  • I understand, I do the same thing when I buy something then I realize there are possibly 3 things keeping me from making a decision  1)  I don’t want to offend or disappoint the salesperson  2)  I don’t want to confront the salesperson  3)  there was some concern still not addressed… which one is it for you name?
  • I don’t make rash/snap decisions (great for callbacks)… name, you and I have spoken twice now, we’ve been over the pros and cons.  You’ve shown me that you’re intelligent and confident.  This is anything but a rash decision.  Let’s do this now!
  • You’re intelligent, confident and have the wherewithal to make sound decisions.  This is not rash!  This is a product that works and that you need.  Let’s do this!
  • I understand, a lot of people like to think about decisions before making them… or… so let me ask you, what do you think about using our geofencing for gaining/creating new business?  On a scale of 1-10 where would you rank this?  (this leads to the real objections they have)  What would make this a 10 for you?  How do you rank your current advertising?  Geofencing is 20% more effective than traditional advertising media.    – – –  work with cust on what they say – – – additional or diff target groups, areas, corp/spouse approval $, build value (See Value Sheet).

For confident/experienced agents…

  • Name,  thought is instantaneous…think about an elephant – done!  Think about being hungry – done!  What you need to do is make a decision to move forward.  Saying no tells me you need more information so what can I tell you or help you with to make a decision?  I’m fine with yes or no either way (this moves the discussion forward).
  • Name, your thinking about this won’t change the fact that this has the potential to grow your business.  Let’s get this done so you can think about the other things that need your attention.

Don’t pressure me

  • Please don’t confuse my enthusiasm and my confidence in knowing this product will work for you with pressure.
  • Why not?  – I want to help you be successful.
  • Name, whether you need 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks, you’re faced with 3 questions; can I share them with you?  1)  Does this product get you what you want? (guaranteed exposure)  2)  Can you afford this?  This is very affordable!  3)  Am I someone you’re comfortable doing business with?  If you can answer yes – let’s do this.

I’m not interested

  • I run into that quite a bit…what exactly is it that you’re not interested in?  Is there something I can help you to better understand?
  • Are you already taking advantage of Geo-fencing?  We can reach (target) any demographic in your area to increase your business/sales/customer contact.
  • The bottom line is this it’s simple, it works (is effective) and it’s completely affordable.
  • Were you aware that geo-fencing is 20X more effective than traditional advertising media?

I already know about this

What is it you already know that may be keeping you from taking advantage of this lucrative marketing opportunity to reach (the heroes in your area) (your intended audience/market).  Discuss what separates us from our competition. (See Value Sheet)

When will I start to see contacts/business/calls/etc.?

It depends on how appealing/clever/enticing/catchy your ad is to your intended customers.

I hate those ads: (complaint) Don’t validate complaints.

But you do see them! Chances are you are not the intended viewer/recipient. What if they were targeted to your interests/desires (your intended audience/market)?  That is what we can do!  Precision target groups/demographics.

Need to talk to Spouse/Partner:

  • I understand…what do you think they’ll say?  No to geo ads or money is their objection not spouse – build value/ redirect
  • I agree you should talk to your spouse…if they’re anything like mine, they never say no to me making a smart business decision
  • Better to ask for forgiveness than permission!  Let’s get this going so they can see how effective this is and give you a pat on the back! (say with conviction)
  • Does your spouse trust your ability to make a sound business decision?  Let’s get this going so they can see how effective this is and give you a pat on the back! (say with conviction)

Not a good time

Name, there is never a perfect time to make a decision.  Especially in the _____ business.  You will always have things going on.  Let’s do this!

After a lengthy call… or on with a chatty Kathy

So, name, let me summarize what you’re getting here (1-6 things).  When do you want to start?

For Call Backs

Have the Pros and Cons listed before calling.  Make sure the pros outnumber the cons.  Use the line “so name, if the advantages of doing this outweigh (or outnumber) the disadvantages, Let’s do this!

Interrupting a rant or tirade

“Wait a second.” Here is the sentence that will allow you to interrupt anyone “Let me be sure I heard what you just said.”

New from A.W.

How many realtors are also going to be doing this in my area?  We don’t saturate any area we sell.  Think of the number of views available as boxes of cookies on a store shelf.  If there are 10 boxes on the shelf and you buy 4, there are 6 boxes left that remain available for sale to anyone, whether they are a realtor, plumber or pizza maker – there are ONLY 6 more available.  There is a certain length of time when there are no more available to anyone in that location.

What is their incentive to use me over another massage therapist? Geo-fencing draws upon the same mindset as “impulse buying” at grocery stores; when something is right in front of a customer, they are more likely to purchase it.  Your ad will be right in front of them on their phones and tablets in places of need, as they visit doctor’s offices, hospitals, rehab services, fitness centers and so forth.  Even if they don’t have a chance to contact you immediately, they can click your ad and take a screenshot of your info for future reference.  You are targeting people who potentially have a greater need for your services because they are visiting these locations.