This page has been created to give everyone an overview of who, what and how GeoFencing works. If a client asks you something – DO NOT WING IT! Ask your QB or manager. If they dont know the answer Brian and Scott are available to consult with you. Updates to this page will always be put at the top #1,2,3 etc…) UPDATES:

The customers banner ad will be shown again Click to Call Function
  • 2 changes to script highlighted in red: I’m sure you’ve seen these ads before when you’re checking the weather, reading the news?

    (OPTIONAL) Apps like FOX, CNN, ESPN, CBS news – even apps like wheel of fortune and the weather channel!

    In today’s world everybody uses their cell phones continually throughout the day and night. Showing on the most popular apps like FOX, CNN, ESPN, CBS news – even apps like the weather channel! In fact we actually guarantee that your ad will be seen at least 48,000 times every year! To prove it, you have access to an analytics dashboard with a detailed report featuring a map that will show when and where your ad was displayed — how cool is that!?
  • Cant run these: Marijuana – cbd oil, pot, dispensaries etc…We can run these on the .com site and at the clubs, however keep in mind that AZ DOC rules prevent inmates from knowing selling to marijuana dispensaries. Gun sales – Examples: NO – AK47’s on sale today, no images of guns, ammo etc… YES: Diamond Back Supply – hunting special this month. (no gun/ammo images) Adult Items like: strip clubs – sometimes we can run these on the .com site and at the clubs. Alcohol – No images or direct mention of alcohol. NO: image of vodka, YES: 2 for 1 drink specials at Scotts Bar. We can run these on the .com site and at the clubs.
  • Client can change ad design without cost once per quarter any changes to the ad or target groups will take effect at the beginning of the next months campaign.
  • When selling geo, it is recommended not to mention or attempt to sell the clubs we have TV’s in or even our web site It is too confusing and will make no sense to the client. However if you get a client who is very Veteran friendly or really wants to market to the Veteran community, go for it! “We have selected over 550 of the best clubs in the nation and installed large screen TV’s in order to extend your the coverage of your ad/marketing message, in fact we may have several in your area”
  • Here are three reasons you shouldn’t worry about seeing your own display ad.
    1. ONE: THE WORLD WIDE WEB IS MASSIVE Targeted display ads are served across thousands and thousands of apps and websites. I often use this analogy to help advertisers understand: “Imagine a scenario where you’re running a TV commercial across thousands of channels. I hand you the remote and challenge you to find your TV commercial. What are the chances you’ll land on the right channel at exactly the right time?” Targeted display is similar in that there’s just no way of ensuring that you’ll land on the right website (out of thousands and thousands) at the right time of day and see your ad.
    2. TWO: THE BUDGET IS TOO SMALL Let’s look at a 4K impression campaign. Over 30 days, that’s about 133 impressions per day. It’s not that 4K impressions “doesn’t work”, but makes it even more difficult for you to run across your own ad.
    3. THREE: YOU AREN’T YOUR TARGET MARKET Your campaign should be targeting users who are searching for and reading content relevant to your products and services. So unless you are actively researching and shopping for what you offer, you’re not supposed to see your ad. If you’re thinking, “But I see my ad when I run campaigns with [another targeted display provider].”, please consider the following. It’s easy to create a campaign with the goal of making sure that YOU see your own ad. Some geo fencing providers by shrinking the geo-targeted area to a small radius around your business using up all of your views so you and your staff are sure to see your ad (what a waste of money!).
  • MAKE EVERY AD DOLLAR WORK HARDER, WASTE LESS Engage your ideal audience with unparalleled accuracy, ease, and affordability.
  • TRUE MOBILE GEO FENCING Target everyone around a business, event, conference or households for highly relevant, time-limited discounts and promotions.
  • Geofencing is the most advanced location-based targeting available. Just as it sounds, geofencing allows you to draw a virtual fence around a physical location on a map exactly where you want to target your customers. When a person with GPS enabled on their mobile device enters your virtual fence we will be able to start targeting them with display ads.
  • Your client’s ad will be displayed on cell phones, laptops, tablets and even desktops when someone in the targeted area is on any of over 8000 apps we work with.
  • Ad will be designed in two sizes. One is the larger size that is shown inline when reading an article/playing a game etc… the other is at the bottom of screen.
  • The ad size used by the app varies between apps and we have no control of what size the app will use.
  • We have no control over the app your clients ad is displayed on. All apps we partner with are “in good taste”. No porn, no hate etc…
  • Every campaign includes at least one target group (“L.O.B.”)
  • Extra target groups each cost more money. Example – Veteran clubs + VA hospitals = 2 target groups. Another example: client chooses the city of Tempe and his target group is: houses with pools – all of this is included in the base cost of $179. He also wants houses with pools in only 1 certain zip code and people making over $100,000 per year = you need to charge him for these 2 extra target groups. POOL +1 ZIP + INCOME OVER $100,000 = 3 total target groups (first TG was free).
  • All GeoFencing from any company is ALWAYS payment before launching. So your client must pay before we run it. We will send them their ad before payment…but that’s it. All GeoFencing providers require this. Its called “a prepay service”
  • 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions available. 12,000 total views are the minimum views (applies to 1 month sub – which could actually be all used if the client wants to use all views on one day). All other plans are 4,000 views per months, by default we spread evenly over 30 days or as the client requests.
  • Client can request ad to run only on certain days of the week, certain times. Think of bars, they may want their ad to run only on Fri and Sat night 5pm-9pm. The hours we can reserve are in the calculator.
  • When someone clicks on the ad it can go to clients website or we can create a “landing page” for them. Sample shown below
  • Ads are sold in city, metro, state and national subscriptions.
  • One ad per subscription
  • Ask your client – “who or were does most of your business come from?”  Whatever the answer, that is EXACTLY who we can geo target.
  • If client wants residential targets (example – smokers over 55, certain zip codes, credit score above 700, has a pool, is a veteran etc…) that target is reachable ONLY in their homes. When that person is not at their home your clients ad wont appear. If your clients wants their ad to show up only at fast food restaurants, everyone will see the ad that is inside or near the building.
  • You can restrict any TG (commercial or residential) by age group, gender and time of day.
  • We guarantee the views. If we don’t deliver the views, we will credit back or roll over the balance to the next month.
  • Client is sent a report each month – see for sample.
  • Client can buy views in qty’s of 1,000 or more at any time during their subscription period.
  • Don’t get wrapped up in clicks! Billboards, TV’s, newspapers, magazines, radio and many more don’t have clicks. National average of click throughs is .3%. We only guarantee views. TIIP – don’t mention clicks unless client asks you.
  • Does this type of marketing work? YES! Your client already said yes when they knew exactly what you described early in your call. Everyone knows about these ads because we see them ALL the time. This is the future of Marketing!
  • Geo-Fencing Landing Pages can be set up for customers who do not have a website or Hthproject listing.  See the example of the new format in the updates section above.