Here are some simple TAGLINES – our Sales Agents can use to help SELL Geo-Fencing

Real Estate

Big BOLD print! Tagline:  Veteran Approved Realtor & VA Loan Specialist

Big BOLD print! Tagline:  Thinking of Buying a Home? Need To Sell Your Home?

Big BOLD print! Tagline:  Turn Your VA Loan Into Your Dream Home!

Big BOLD print! Tagline:  Buy or Sell With Confidence!


Big BOLD print! Tagline: Rates Are Low! Become a Homeowner
or Refinance Now!

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Ready to Use Your VA Loan? Buying
or Refinancing a home? Call Me!

Big BOLD print! Tagline: VA Home Loan Rates at 18 Month Low!
Buy or Refinance a Home Now!

Big BOLD print! Tagline: 100% Financing  ,Zero Down Payments, Lowest Rates In Town, No

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Why are you renting? VA Home Loan
Rates are AMAZING!

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Mortgage Rates Historically LOW!
Buy or Refinance NOW!

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Ready to use your VA loan? 100%
Financing 0 Down!


Big BOLD print! Tagline: Happy Hour Specials $2.99

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Family Thursday Specials

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Daily Specials $5.99

Homes/Hospice/Assisted Living/Elderly

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Respect Your Loved One’s Wishes

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Care and Compassion For Your Loved Ones

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Caring and Compassionate (Affordable) Senior

Retail/Auto Parts/Auto/Cycle Dealer

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Lowest Prices On ____ Guaranteed

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Highest Quality ____ Guaranteed

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Summer (Seasonal) Special Pricing on ______


Big BOLD print! Tagline: Protect Your Loved Ones

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Paying Too Much For ____ Insurance?

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Fast Easy Lowest Cost ____ Insurance


Big BOLD print! Tagline: Our Prices Won’t Shock You

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Quality ____ At Affordable Prices

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Get Your ____ Ready For Summer/Winter

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Is Your ____ Ready For Summer/Winter


Big BOLD print! Tagline: Do Your ____ Need a Trim?

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Quality, Affordable Lawn/Property
Maintenance/Snow Removal (Plowing)

Tattoo Shop

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Got Ink?

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Want Great Body Art?

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Express Yourself (The Real You)

Property Management

Big BOLD print! Tagline: We Pre-Screen Your Tenants

Big BOLD print! Tagline: 1, 2, 3 Bedroom Rental Apts and Condos
Available Now

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Vacation Rentals In ____ (city/region)

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Quality, Affordable Home and Building


Big BOLD print! Tagline: Paying TOO Much For Your Gym?  ( or Workout)

Big BOLD print! Tagline: Work Out With Us $10.99/Month