How can Senior Care Businesses use Geo-Fencing?

Most senior care facilities and home health providers gain new business through advertising and word of mouth. Recommendations are huge in the senior care industry, and many people will recommend the first facility or provider that comes to mind. If an individual has a family member using these services, that is the facility that comes to mind. However, if someone doesn’t know anyone in a senior care facility, they often note the last one they heard of. This is where geofencing ca be crucial. Because people are on their phones so often, the ads they see often stick in their mind, even if they don’t click on the ad.

This is why it makes such good business sense for a senior care facility or home health provider to market their services on phones via geofencing. With people living longer and longer, health issues arise that make it difficult for some to keep constant care of ailing family members, so they turn to in-home health services or facilities dedicated to caring for seniors.

The decision to move a family member to a care facility or hire someone to come to their home to care for a family member is a big decision and a hard-choice. They want to make sure their loved one is cared for properly and they are getting the care they deserve. A quality heartfelt geofencing ad can go a long way in these instances of showing a businesses devotion to its clients and is more likely to create a sense of trust.

With Geo-Fencing we create an ad that is eye catching and promotes a business to target any city, zip code or within a 5 mile radius of the location of your choice. It allows the elderly community know that a company supports them and would like to work with them by using our specific targeting groups. We can create a comprehensive targeting group package that will reach the right demographic.

Healthcare Options for Seniors:

End-of-life care is the treatment someone nearing death receives in the final days, weeks, months, or sometimes even years of his or her life.

During this time, medical care and support continues regardless of whether the patients condition is curable or not. Many receive medical care in hospitals, nursing homes, or even in their own homes.

Geo-Fencing creates opportunity for our sales team to show how it would be a perfect fit simply because the varied healthcare industry is one of our top lines of business categories. By using our specific targeting groups we can promote a business by targeting their city, any zip code or within a 5 mile radius of the location of their choice. So, let’s begin with some terms and options used in the healthcare categories we serve:

Caregiver – a person who cares for someone who is sick or disabled. A caregiver is an unskilled person who normally goes to the individual client’s residence and performs a variety of functions that could include everything from bathing, hygiene, personal care, errands, or simply a person who visits and converses with a housebound person. Some of these services include surveillance systems for 24/7 monitoring.

Skilled Nursing – as the name implies, this category generally entails professional training and licensing, and involves work that requires these skills. Skilled nursing may be involved in every category, except caregivers, and depends upon licensing. For example, Bickford of West Lansing Assisted Living is not licensed to provide skilled nursing, but contracts with another skilled nursing service to provide services at their facility. With Geo-Fencing we can use specific targeting groups to target a facility like this one in order to promote the business.

Nursing Home – if a facility calls itself a nursing home, then it is a skilled nursing facility. Skilled nurses can distribute medication, whereas unskilled cannot. With Geo-Fencing we can use our special targeting groups to promote a nursing home to homeowners with a senior in the household, Hospitals, VA Hospitals , or senior care centers just to name a few.

Assisted Living – housing or living arrangements for the elderly, infirm, or disabled, in which housekeeping, meals, medical care, and other assistance is available to residents as needed. An assisted living facility may or may not have skilled nursing. Assisted living, again as the name implies, is less care than Memory Care/Dementia Care, but more care than Independent Care. With Geo-Fencing we can use special targeting groups to promote this business in other senior citizen facilities.

A Patient’s Home – Studies show that while 80% of Americans prefer to die at home, only about 20% do. This gap is largely due to the difficulties and costs of caring for a terminally ill patient at home; in most cases, nursing care and special equipment is required. With that being said, using Geo-Fencing, we can use our special targeting groups to promote a senior care facility to a homeowner with a senior in the household, hospitals, VA hospitals just to name a few.

Palliative Care – a facility that includes the emotional support and day-to-day help someone with a life-threatening illness requires, while doctors and nurses pursue a cure. Palliative care starts with the diagnosis and continues until the the point at which it becomes clear the patient won’t survive. With Geo-Fencing we can use our specific targeting groups to promote the business to a homeowner who has a senior in the household as well as other options.

Hospice – is not tied to a particular place. It can be offered at home or in an assisted living facility, nursing home, hospital or hospice center. It is for the terminally ill that emphasizes pain control and emotional support for the patient and family, typically refraining from taking extraordinary measures to prolong life (End-of-life care treatment). With Geo-Fencing we can use special targeting groups to promote their business to homeowners who have a senior living in the household, hospitals, VA hospitals, and senior care facilities.

VA Aid & Attendance Benefit –  Veterans and survivors who are eligible for a VA pension and require the aid and attendance of another person, or are housebound, may be eligible for additional monetary payment. These benefits are paid in addition to monthly pension, and they are not paid without eligibility to Pension. For example, Jake, a Navy Veteran, receives a VA pension and requires the aid and attendance of another person to help him in his daily activities. So, Jake applies for the VA Aid & Attendance Benefit. Upon approval, the VA will now increase his pension amount to help pay for a caregiver service. The benefit is paid directly to Jake, and therefore he can choose who to hire as a caregiver.

General Healthcare Statistics

Americans spend an average of $10,345 on healthcare each year, and it is expected to increase to nearly $15,000 by 2023. It is also estimated that the average couple will spend an additional $50,000 in out of pocket expenses for end-of-life care. Healthcare is one of the largest expenses for Americans.

About 85% of end-of-life care costs are covered by various government entities, including Medicare, Medicaid, and health care programs sponsored by the Veterans Administration (VA), and the Department of Defense (DoD); and private medical and long-term care insurance.

Hospice costs are paid for in the following manner: Medicare – 85.4%; Medicaid – 5%; managed care or private insurance – 6.9%; other (including charity and self-pay) – 2.7%.

Providing for an elderly family member can be a daunting task, which is why many families turn to senior care facilities and home-health aids in their time of need. We can help local senior care businesses let families know they are ready and willing to help.

Get Senior Care Centers To Say “Yes” (with brief explanation)

Always try to tailor your pitch to the customer’s personality, and use trigger phrases that match.

Keep in mind that with Geo-Fencing, we create a custom ad for the business that is eye catching and will appear on all of the smartphones, laptops, and tablets of a specific targeting group and guarantee 4,000 views a month. At the end of that month we send out a detailed report showing when and where their ad was viewed/clicked.

Doesn’t it make good business sense to get your name out in front of the Veteran community since some receive a government benefit to pay for it? (With Geo-Fencing, we can target current and former members of the military no matter where they are in your area such as VA hospitals, American Legions, VFW’s, Military Bases (if applicable), a certain zip code or within a 5 mile radius of the location of your choice)

Wouldn’t you agree that it simply makes good business sense to market your services to homeowners with a senior in the household, hospitals,VA hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors offices etc.? (With Geo-Fencing we can use our special targeting groups to promote your business to a certain demographic)

Can I ask you a question? Most of the folks we speak to join our program because they want to either help people find the proper care or to simply get more business. Would you be interested in a program that does both? (By using Geo-Fencing, we can create an ad that is appealing to potential clients and lets them know you care while targeting the right demographic)

Did you know that while 80% of Americans prefer to die at home, only about 20% do because in most cases, nursing care and special equipment is required? (So why not use Geo-Fencing to market your business to homeowners with a senior in the household or any other facility involving seniors using our special targeting groups?)

Wouldn’t you want to market your business not only to the one who needs the proper care but the families involved? (By creating an ad for your business, we can design it to be eye catching and appealing to the right demographic by using our specific targeting groups.)

In my opinion, I don’t believe you can find a better way to market your business with Geo-Fencing at the same price that we offer our members.