How can Real Estate Pros use Geo-Fencing?

“People will not buy what Geo-Fencing is, they’ll buy it because of what it can do for them!

We Guarantee to Target People Interested in Buying or Selling Real Estate!!!

Real estate agents will often selectively hear only what is implied. The real estate industry is loaded with pay-per-lead services, and therefore anytime the client perceives that payment is contingent upon results they are likely to agree to sign up and then later cancel. As an Easy Geo sales agent, you must resist word play.

“Say what you mean and mean what you actually say!”

Geo-Fencing is a proven form of marketing that WILL help you buy or sell houses!!!

  • Are you tired of wasting marketing dollars that you can’t track? We can help you reach people interested in Real Estate (People who have visited open houses, Home owners looking to sell, Good credit scores and Good Incomes). How amazing is that? We also provide you a dashboards that will track your views and clicks/engagements. So you can see the success first hand!
  • Would you be interested in a proven strategy that will help you target your prime demographic to make bigger commissions?We can help you reach selected groups using our proven targeting methods.
  • Would you be interested in a program designed to help you stand out in the sea of real estate agents?We can brand you on app such as FOX NEWS, CNN and even TWITTER. Giving you the top of mind awareness your image and brand deserves.
  • I’m sure you would like to spend less money on those pesky business expenses, right? We can target the right customer then direct them to your website, click to text, click to call or even a custom landing pages.

(when you have them on the phone direct them to

Why Should You Care About Real Estate?

Because if you understand the material in these modules, and can KEEP IT SIMPLE & MAKE SENSE to your prospects, YOU WILL MAKE MORE SALES AND EARN MORE IN YOUR BONUS CHECK! It is that simple. If you need additional help, do not hesitate to ask. Your trainers are here to help you.

Real Estate Agent Facts

  1. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are generally 1.2 million registered real estate agents in the U.S. at any given time.
  2. Real estate agents are paid on commissions. Use the SIZZLE of our product to show them how we ONLY target people interested in buying or selling real estate.
  3. For a real estate professional, the supply of listings can be limited, so the demand for available listings is of utmost importance. How can we help? We can target ONLY home owners interested in selling to help them with inventory needs.
  4. On the flip side. When the market calls for buyers, we can target ONLY renters over 30, People with good credit scores, People with good incomes. You know, only qualified buyers with purchasing power to afford the houses on the MLS.
  5. Thus, it is critically important for real estate professionals to acquire and nurture a significant quantity of quality leads, and to stand apart from all other agents. Through Easy Geo we can provide agents the ability to do just that with our target marketing and premium data.

Geo Fencing Benefits for Real Estate Agents

  1. Geo Fencing is one of the most technologically-advanced ways of advertising.
  2. Geo Fencing helps advertisers get their company out in front of the people they are likely to work with.
  3. Target groups allow agents to focus their advertising dollar on the demographics they most desire.

Here’s What You Can Do

As a Sales Agent for the Community Marketing Partnership, you have the ability to offer real estate professionals exposure to millions of people and target specific demographics.
Hopefully, after familiarizing yourself with this information you should be excited about the opportunities you have as the middleman in this market.

Do not tell real estate agents that we will get them started and show them how it works. This is an implied promise of results. We Guarantee Exposure TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE LOOKING FOR YOUR SERVICE – Not results!

One More Thought

As you know, numbers on the whiteboard are meaningless without ultimate payment. You will make more money by asking for the payment EVERY time. It’s simple even if you talk about pushing out the payment and every other tactic you utilize to get the sale. Simply ask “How would you like to save 30%?” Give the customer time to let that process. THEY WILL ASK YOU “Well of course, how can I do that?”

The obvious and easy answer is simply to ask for payment – even if it is just the first payment. Let’s face it, if a business cannot afford at least the first payment then what are the chances that this business will ever have the money. You need to understand that all businesses should have cash on hand for day-to-day operations, and generally if they cannot afford a single payment upon order then they are likely not a real business and will not be in business long.

The top reasons why real estate professionals succeed:

  • They understand their market 
  • They maximize productivity from each market lead source
  • It pays to advertise!

Market size is an important factor in being successful in Real Estate. If there are 10 agents in a town of 1000, the number of homes for sale at a given time is likely to be less than the number of agents. This is a small market with too many agents. On the other hand if those same 10 agents worked in a city with a 100,000 people there’s a better chance that each real estate agent will make sales.

Even in very large cities, agents fight for their piece of the pie, and many will do a lot to get a bigger piece. With Geo Fencing we can help offer agents more exposure to the people looking to buy or sell a home. Exposure is important. A face and a name mean a great deal in the real estate industry, and we want to help them get that exposure…help them have more notoriety in the area.

Success Tip: Think about this for a moment. If you are a real estate agent, doesn’t it make good business sense to develop a strategy selling homes where your commission per sale is bigger?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers home loans and grants. These programs help service members, Veterans, buy a home. The VA guarantees part of the loan, meaning they will cover a portion of the loan if you default. This allows lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies, to offer you more favorable terms. Some realtors will like to work with Vets and some won’t. Use the power of questions to ask and probe, if it holds value then use the leverage of our Veterans Targeting Group to make the sale.

Tips For Successful Real Estate Agents

It is a generally accepted fact that the Real Estate business is a dynamic and thriving industry. This is why so many people gravitate to it. In fact, there is no better way to earn a living. You practically set your own hours, you are selling a great commodity, and home ownership is a large part of every American’s dream.

And yet, only 10% continue on in the field after the first year. This will likely be based on the fact that they had a poor business plan. It’s in your favor to pitch the SIZZLE of our product to paint a picture for these customers and help their business thrive and grow.

As you likely know, there are a ton of blogs, websites, and seminars dedicated to teaching the magical techniques to becoming the top agent. We are not touting ourselves to have the magic bullet, but we have compiled what we believe to be some common sense tactics in your overall success strategy.

Boot Camp Tip #1: Just as with any new business, expect to invest heavily in the first few years on marketing. Your business is like a snowball. At first it is small, but as you roll it along it gets bigger.

  1. Im on a team…- That’s awesome, that you understand the value in teamwork. I’m sure though that if you were to use a product like Geo Fencing you will not be disappointed. I help- Realtors grow there business each and everyday and this right here could be what helps make you a top performer on your team.
  2. I am not interested…- Hey I completely understand. I called you out of the blue. However I reached out because I can help you grow your business. My targeting and product will get you noticed by ONLY people interested in your service. With the power of targeting and our premium data we can help you get traction with those that are trying to buy and sell real estate.
  3. Costs too much…- Hey I get that a lot. When you spend money on this type of advertising you will see the benefit in the ability to target the right people. Looking for buyers? I can target people with good income and good credit scores. Need listings? I can target only home owners looking to sell. See even though you didn’t plan on this investment, you will see the benefits if you give me 1% of your trust and let me earn the other 99%
  4. I’m a new agent- AWESOME!!! That is even more reason to give this marketing a shot. There is no better way to advertise than targeting people interested in your service. We don’t want to saturate your ad to people that are looking for a rental or apartment. I’m talking about having your service directly on the phones of people interested in buying and selling real estate. Let’s make their cell phone screen your personal billboard!
  5. How many leads will I get?- I can’t guarantee you x amount of leads and I’m not selling you a list of leads that you have to chase down and are watered down by every other realtor in your area. I’m offering you the ability to target the people looking to buy and sell, they will click on your ad and get directed to your website, click to text, click to call… I’m CONFIDENT that this can work great for your with thousands of targeted ads going to people only interested in Real Estate.

Killer One Liners

Get Real Estate Agents To Say “Yes” (with brief explanation)

  • One of the biggest difficulties as a realtor is getting yourself to stand out among others in the industry. When your ad pops up on users’ phones across the city, you’ll definitely stand out.
  • We can help you target the demographic you most want to work with. Want to target current renters looking to buy a home? We can help you do that!
  • Do you only deal in luxury homes? We can help you reach out to households with incomes over $100,000 and qualifying credit. What more could you ask for from your advertising?
  • Can I ask you question, most of the folks we speak to join our program because they want to either help someone find their dream home or to simply get more business. Would you be interested in a program that does both? 
  • Would you be interested in a program designed to help you stand out in the sea of real estate agents? Your ad will pop up on mobile phones in your city targeting users whom meet your criteria.(See next bullet point)
  • Are you familiar with “Click-to-You” technology? (See next bullet point)
  • With our “Click-to-You” technology, we offer consumers a direct connection to youthat bypasses all other real estate agents! (All of our Banner Ads have the “click-to-you” technology – meaning that all a user has to do is click on the ad and it links directly to your website, click to call or click to text)
  • Our program can save you money in expenses because you own the rights to all Ads to use anywhere now and in the future. 
  • Without spending an extra penny, as a member of our program we will link your ad via URL to any website, document, web platform, Facebook, Google+, etc.

We understand you are the backbone of our company. We welcome your professional input, insight, and suggestions to any one-liners you feel get the job done.  Please submit any suggestions straight to your team lead, site trainer, Jada or Victor.