There is a variety of cleaning companies that have their services available to the public. Many of these companies are fairly small operations that operate locally, catering to a specific type of cleaning need. These types include Janitorial, Carpet and Flooring, Remediation, and Dry Cleaners

Janitorial and House Cleaning Services

Cleaning services make up a decent proportion of the market. Most janitorial and cleaning services are small businesses, often run by the primary worker. Some cleaning and janitorial services are run from home or a very small shop.

Janitorial services tend to focus on large business buildings, while house cleaners, obviously, focus on residential. However, both segments will tend to create contracts with clients. House cleaning services tend to do a lot of work with older people who are unable to clean their own homes. This is your way to make a connection. Many of the older community have difficulty maintaining the cleanliness of their homes. With Geo-Fencing, we can target demographics like households with an income over 100,000, households with a senior, stay at home moms and more to promote their services to the community using our special targeting groups.

Carpet & Flooring:

These companies fall under the same times of operation relative to the janitorial companies, but are not as frequently used. This actually has its advantages and disadvantages. Only having to provide a carpet cleaning every month or so will free up time to have more places of business or homes booking your services. On the flip side, residential homes will probably only want or need the service a couple times a year, so getting the customers name in front of as many people as possible is a necessity to have their company grow.


These services are highly specialized and include such things as water and fire damage repair and mold and asbestos removal. These companies offer a very essential service to people when they need it most.

Dry Cleaners:

These businesses do not only offer dry cleaning but also can do tailoring and alterations for the clothing depending on the business. Another service they provide is delivery and pick up for the garments they launder and this can be a good selling point for them to get more business in the door.


With all the changes the world has gone through with Covid-19 and the escalated awareness to remain safe from viruses and bacteria, cleaning companies are becoming more necessary and sought after. Finding a company that can keep your home and family safe from this virus is something every person has to consider and having a company that can provide that is essential.


With all the various local, state, and federal guidelines for businesses to remain “COVID-19 Safe”, many companies are having to seek out cleaning companies to maintain these standards in order to stay open and operating as normal. By having a business advertise that they use safe practices and can provide a clean and safe work environment for a company is necessity that can not be overlooked.

Steam cleaning is a common method for professional carpet cleaning, but the name is somewhat misleading. Steam-cleaning services use machines that utilize hot (but not boiling) water in combination with a vacuum. The water is heated inside the machine and sometimes mixed with detergent before being sprayed directly onto the carpet. At the same time, a vacuum sucks up the water almost immediately after hitting the fabric. The hot water extracts far more dirt and stains than would be possible by hand.

Cleaning machines using hot water extraction can be purchased or rented for home use, but they aren’t always as powerful as what professional cleaning services use. Improperly drying the carpet may also cause bacteria or mold growth. Professional cleaners also employ a number of other methods to pre-treat the carpet and ensure adequate drying. For these reasons, professional carpet cleaning may be preferable to do-it-yourself methods.

Carpets or rugs can also be thoroughly cleaned using a dry-cleaning method. As the name suggests, there is much less water involved in dry cleaning, which means the carpet can be ready to use in less time. Using powerful solvents to break down dirt and stains, dry cleaning puts less physical stress on the carpet, and thus might be better in the long run. However, dry cleaning is usually more expensive than hot-water cleaning services. In addition, the chemicals used to dry clean carpets might irritate pets, people with sensitive skin, or anyone sensitive to strong odors.