The Close

Assumptive Close Techniques – Assume the Sale.

Note: Assumptive closing involves moving always towards your closing process, which usually starts with the information gathering process needed to finalize a sale.

Name, Address, Email, Website, etc., are all good methods to use to start the closing process. Here, Michelle has clearly stated that she wants to be included in the project. So, the Sales Agent would presume the sale and begin filling out the required following information:

“Do you have a web site to pull graphics from for your ad or a business card you’d like to use on your ad?”

“What is your last name?”

“What is your business address? Is that also the mailing address to send your custom Framed Certificate to?”

While closing you must fill out each VanillaSoft or Sales Force field: Customer’s First and Last Name, Business Name, Cell Phone Number, or another Number to Reach them on, Business Address and Mailing Address, Email Address, Business Website, and Framed Certificate choice, etc.

Asking for the Money

Always ask for payment on every sale. Your rate of collections will go up, and  they will stay at a high level if you ask for payment on every sale. Remember, although the room keeps a scoreboard for daily and weekly sales, these numbers are meaningless if the customer does not pay. You only get paid if the customer pays. So, be a bulldog and ask for the money!

“Would you like to use Visa or MasterCard?”

Accepted Payment Options:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Checks
  • e-Checks


Every sales representative must transfer the call to the finance (or verification) department. Review the script for more information.

Order Guidelines

The Order Guidelines are intended for new Sales Representatives (or to retrain existing Sales Representatives) and serves as a list of best practices when completing an Order. The document’s primary focus is on entering customer information properly.


Spell out or correct any commonly used abbreviations that appear in the customer’s company name. 

If you don’t know the spelling or proper format, ask the customer how they would like their company information to appear on their ad and/or web listing. Some companies have a specific format they prefer their name to be in.

ASSOC, Assoc, ASSC, AsscAssociation
CONST, ConstConstruction
Comp, COCompany, Co
CTR, Ctr, ctrCenter
Llc, LLc, Plc, PLc, PllcLLC, PLC, PLLC
Svc, SVC, svcService, Services
INC, incIncorporated, Inc
InstInstitiute, Institution

Proper Case

Please use proper case when completing an order. This includes not only the company name and agent notes, but also the street address, mailing address, email address, web address, etc.

Please DO NOT use UPPERCASE. Emailing information that is typed in all caps can be considered “yelling” by our customers or may be construed as unprofessional. Internally, proper case allows us to more efficiently setup new accounts, create custom ads, and ship products to our customers because we don’t have to correct improper case.

If you don’t know the spelling or proper format, ask the customer how they would like their company information to appear on their ad and/or web listing.

  • If a customer’s information appears as
    • Sara JOHNSON, Dickey’S BBQ
  • Please correct it to:
    • John Smith, ABC Plumbing & HVAC, 210 Main St, Phoenix, AZ, 85207
    • Sara Johnson, Dickey’s BBQ

Please double check that you have the following information before clicking the send button on your email.

  • Is the company name spelled EXACTLY as the customer would like it to appear online and/or on their ad?
  • Is there a First and Last Name? Should this appear online and/or on their ad?
  • Which email, web address, social network address should appear online and/or on their ad?
  • Do I have the Full Physical and/or Mailing Address? Which should appear online and/or on their ad?
  • What Phone Number(s) does the customer want online and/or on their ad?
  • Have I selected ALL the appropriate Product(s) Sold?
  • Ordering more than one ad? What information do they want to appear online and/or on their additional ad?
  • Do I have the correct Ad Time and Duration?
  • Is the Pricing accurate?
  • Are my Agent Notes clear, concise, and customer friendly? These will appear on the Order Confirmation email.

What happens when I’m done with the sale?


After you send the email confirmation of the sale to the customer, a notification is sent to the contracts department. This is why it is incredibly important that you correctly have all the information for the client.

The contract department will enter all of the customer’s information into our client file and enter their order information. They will verify that packages are being sold for the correct prices, so make sure you aren’t underselling packages without prior approval.

The contracts department will also set everything up so that the art department has all the information they need to create the advertisements for the customers.

The Art Department

In general, the customer’s listing on the website is created within 48 hours. The art department deals with the creation of the advertisement for the customer. They will contact the customer to make arrangements to have graphics sent to us, get approvals for completed advertisements, and on occasion make deals with customers to speed up payments.

Art representatives will create advertisements using input from the customer, or in some cases when the customer is unable to be reached or doesn’t respond to our attempts at contact, they will create an advertisement based on past experience so that it will fit the needs of the particular client. It is important to let your customers know they should work with our art department to ensure they are involved in the final product.

Once the art department has completed their work, the advertisement will be posted to the internet, and if the customer’s package calls for it, it will be sent to the select post(s) to be shown on the TVs.


Not all clients pay the full balance of their invoice up front, so the contract is also sent to the collections department. Here, our customer service representatives make attempts to contact customers in order to collect the money owed on their invoice. This is usually based on the interval set during the verification process. For example, if a customer agreed to pay their invoice in four payments starting in 30 days, the customer service representative will begin making calls 30 days after the sale is made to collect the first payment, and every 30 days after that for the remaining  payments.

What You Can and Can’t Say During a Call:

  1. Verify customer’s info: Phone number, address mailing & business, and email – This makes you sound PROFESSIONAL!
  2. 6 months is XXX but what most folks do is 12 months for XXXX
  3. I’m not asking to come down today to pick up a check
  4. I’m not going to send the Marines down to pick up a check!
  5. Hi Verifier, Tom is going to be making a payment today (Yippi!! You get a $5 bonus)

What you CAN’T say AND will cost you 50 points:

  1.  We don’t want you to pay today.
  2. Hi Verifier, Tom is going to be making a Partial payment today
  3. Don’t worry about paying, we’ll push out payments for 30 days plus!
  4. We don’t take any credit card information over the phone.
  5. I will invoice you & you can put it on your normal billing cycle
  6. We CANNOT fully customize ANY Certificate to display whatever a customer wants! A certificate displays the business name or personal name they desire and who they support and that is it.

What you CANT say AND will cost you THE SALE (that would really suck!):

  2. Just tell the verifier we agreed on XXXXX
  3. Giving away non-free items.
  4. Dropping price below minimum allowed sale price
  5. Pushing client to Verification without client knowing PPD which is Pricing, Product and Duration.
  6. Make a statement to client as a fact, that they will get Leads and Business from advertising with us. You can say, many other clients have had great success!
  7. We’ll place you in your local veteran club when there is no club near them. Feel free to offer clubs that appear far away, but be clear as to the address of these clubs.
  8. You don’t have to pay until you approve your Ad.

Call Dispositions

 Result and What it Means:What Happens to it/Where it Goes:
DisconnectDisconnected – I called the number and it is disconnected or no longer in serviceIt is un-flagged and will not come back up in the dialer/stays in the team folder
No AnswerNo Answer – I called this number there was No Answer and No way to leave a messageRetry in 6 hours- then goes to end of queue/stays with agent
LMorSEnoCBLeft message or sent email no callback scheduledRetry in 2 days after 2nd attempt   retry in 2 yrs /stays with agent
Call BackCall Back – this means a call back has been setCallback is set to your calender
REALLY NINot Interested – You actually called, Cust said they were not interested or hung upContact is Closed/ it is moved to the 00Lead Dump File
V4V SOLDVans 4 vets donation – Customer is making a donationContact is Closed/ it is moved to the Sold Folder
DNC AngryNever Call again – customer stated not to call againContact is CLOSED/ It is moved to the Do Not Call Folder and will not be removed
DNC WTBusWrong Type of Business – or not a business at all Contact is CLOSED
MessThis is your mess – it has been given back to be saved and/or fixedCallBack is set for the sales agent to try and save the sale or fix the contract
SpanishUse if you don’t speak SpanishIt is moved to the Spanish Folder to be re-tried
FOP SaleFOP Sale – Fraternal Order of Police Club SaleIt is un-flagged/moved to the SOLD folder
SOLD PAIDSold and Paid in Full – Customer paid in full at the time of the saleIt is un-flagged/moved to the SOLD folder
SOLD /UNPDSold not paid in full – Partial or no payment at the time of saleIt is un-flagged/moved to the SOLD folder
SOLDUPGRADSold Upgrade/ RenewalStays in the Sold folder with the current contact owner