Being an effective sales agent requires work. You need to be on-your-toes, a good speaker, and direct without being abrasive. Each call you make will make your sales calls more effective, because you will learn what works and in what situations it works. You need to be patient with yourself, but you can’t be content. You need to always want more…always want to sell more.

Call Load

As a front-end sales person making cold calls, you need to make a very large number of phone calls to see real results. Research shows that about 1% of cold calls will actually pay off. So, for every 100 calls you make (where someone picks up) you may make 1 or 2 sales. If you want to be successful, you need to be making at least 150 calls per day, because most of those will not even pick up.

Emotion vs. Fact

Humans are extremely intelligent beings, but we also tend to make the majority of our decisions based on emotion. Technically speaking, the part of our brain that deals with fact is different than the one that processes emotion. Furthermore, when emotion seeps into a thinking process, the factual part of the brain has difficulties doing its job.

We aim to support local heroes. Build on this idea to create a sense of sentiment in your possible customer. Make them feel like they will be helping a cause, and in exchange for that help we offer them exposure on a hero-dedicated platform. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation, and don’t be afraid to ask if they have a personal connection to our hero community…that goes a long way. We want to build our company by adding assets.

Beware! There are two emotions that are very difficult to overcome. One will work great in your favor, the other is almost impossible to work past. Happiness is good in a customer and will go a long way in helping you make a sale. Anger, on the other hand, is a brick wall. If someone is angry or you say something to make them angry, you won’t get a sale; and you may even get a formal complaint against you. Be careful of what you say to people. For you it may not seem like much, but some may take it as a personal jab. A good example of this is : “So John, you don’t care about the Veterans?”.

Etiquette On The Phone

Because your customer will never meet you in person, it is important that you convey the feeling that you can be trusted and you are confident in what we do. Your tone, diction, and style are all you have to make the sale, so make sure how you present yourself is proper yet impactful. 

With each call you make you are representing The Community Marketing Corporation, a company meant to help the community. It is crucial that you conduct yourself with decorum and Business Like Behavior at all times.

Do Not Lie: Prevent any troubles down the road by presenting our products and services in an accurate manner. A small lie can result in you losing credit for the sale. A big lie can result in you losing your job. Just don’t give the customer any reason to cancel. No one likes being lied to, intentional or not, and it takes about 20 times as many truths to come back from a single lie.

Be Polite but Strong: No matter who it is on the other side of the phone line, you should always be polite and respectful. You have no idea what is going on in their lives that day; they may be having a great day, or their dog may have died that morning…you have no real way of knowing. Remaining polite while on the phone ensures that the customer feels respected, but you can still add a little energy to your pitch. Sound confident about what we do but stay respectful.

Objectivity: Remain fair and neutral. People don’t want to be sold, they want help making an informed decision. Stay on task and guide your customer to the “yes”.

Atmosphere: The Microphones on the headsets are very sensitive, so your customer hears much of what is going on around you, and your neighbor’s customer hears a lot of what you are saying. Cursing and racial slurs are unacceptable and you should keep your visiting with other workers to a minimum, especially if you are going to be joking around.

Personal Management

  • Having good posture will help you remain attentive and will help to keep you on task. This can be especially important on long days, where you may become weary by the last few hours of your shift.
  • Practice your pitch and mold it to your personality. The company wants you to stick to the script, but you can find ways to match it to your personality and speech style. You don’t want to sound like a robot.
  • Continue to learn from each call. You will learn ways of handling objections that work for you. Moreover, what works with a realtor may not work with a funeral home. As you continue to make calls you will see the difference in lines of business and need to make the conscious decision to learn from them.
  • Create goals. They can be daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly goals. Setting goals for yourself helps to build momentum and gives you something to work toward. But always remember that momentary failures are okay. Learn from them and move forward.
  • You also need to understand how you are perceived by others, especially your customers. On the phone, your character shows through your words. In the office, your character shows through your attitude and behaviors.
  • Plan out your day. Ask for call back times & call then. Be aware of time zones, lunch hours, and peak times to reach clients. Have your morning, mid-morning and afternoon planned out so when you arrive to work you are ready.



*** Geo Fencing Script ***


Hi ___________. This is _____________, how are you today? (Pause Listen for response)

Great, you sound good! (You must say this)

 (HOOK)  Ask a question about their business! (Pause Listen for response)

Great. I’m looking for a good __________ to have available to everyone in your area who is actively looking online to _____ (BUY/SELL) _____.

Do you think this is something you can handle?  (Pause, Listen for response) 

Great.  Do, you know what GEO FENCING is? (Pause)   Geo fencing is TARGET MARKETING based on location, visitation and interest patterns. I’m sure you’ve seen it before when you’re on your own phone or computer checking the news or weather and all of a sudden you see an ad for Amazon or Best Buy right?  That’s GEO FENCING and that’s what we do.

I want to custom create an Action Video Ad for you and feature you on over 8,000 major Apps like Twitter, Pandora, Major news apps, The Weather Channel and ESPN.

We guarantee to deliver all your targeted impressions and we’ll also provide you access to an online analytics dashboard where you’ll be able to track all of the views and engagements.  That way you can keep track of the campaign yourself and know that it’s working.

Now the best part is we have packages to fit anybody’s needs (OPTIONAL)… 6 months with 48,000 views is $319 per month, BUT what most of our clients do is 12 months with 100,000 views and 714 guaranteed engagements for ONLY $299 per month. Which one works best for you?

(PAUSE, WAIT FOR RESPONSE) –Go into Attack Mode Closing Rebuttal Game!

*** End of Script ***


Here is some optional information that you can use:

We’re the Nation’s largest Public Benefit Corporation that works directly with Veterans across the USA

When someone clicks on your ad to contact you we can direct them to your website or create your own custom landing page!

So, here are some more options:

  1. We can create your Ad based on your website, logo, and color scheme – what’s your website address? (FYI your client should keep the info/ad simple…yet teasing to get the attention of the person viewing the phone – the detailed info can be on their website or the landing page we build for them)
  2. You can send in your ad, I will send the instructions to you in your order confirmation.


The Gatekeeper

Getting past the “gatekeeper” is a big part of the sale. With most businesses someone other than the decision-maker will be the one who picks up the phone. In some cases you won’t get past the gatekeeper on the first try, but you still need to gather as much information as you can. Here is the information you should always try to get from the gatekeeper whether or not you can get to the owner:

  • Verify the owner/decision-maker’s name
  • Find out exactly what the company does (if it isn’t obvious)
  • Verify the address on record
  • Get an email address for decision-maker
  • Find out if the decision-maker has a direct line
  • Find out if company is corporate owned (not a deal-breaker if they are)
  • Any other information you may find useful on a second call

The use of pattern disruption is a great way to get past the gatekeeper:

Pattern Disruption

Who is this?“This is Adam”

What’s this about?  – “About their service / company”

Where are you calling from?“It’s about a Project I’m working on”

Even when talking to the decision-maker, you should always try to build a connection between their services or products and supporting our heroes. Remember that people will make decisions based on emotion more often than they do on the facts. Facts matter, but building that idea of supporting the heroes will help out. Treat them like they will be an asset to our heroes.

Overcoming Objections

99.99% of the time the customer will say “No”. In fact you should always expect the “no”…you should look forward to the “no” so that you can work your magic. If you do get a “yes” at the close of the pitch, it should be an absolute surprise. Your work with a customer doesn’t start until you hear the “no”.

Sales is all about overcoming a customer’s objections. It could be that they have no money or they don’t know how it will help their business. Your job as a sales agent is to break through any barriers the customer may have and build confidence in our product.

Acknowledge + Redirect

  • I understand and that’s O.K. Let me ask you this…
  • Hey I get that all the time, so no problem. Real quick do you…
  • That’s all right, and let me ask you…
  • I completely understand here is an idea…
  • I definitely hear what you are saying
  • Absolutely so do…
  • Let me ask you this if it works great and if not that’s totally O.K to.
  • Let me throw this at you, if it works out great if not no problem
  • Someone is going to get the business I would like it to be you.
  • I didn’t call you by accident. I need a good (type of business) for the project!
  • That’s what I figured
  • Well before you hang up let me ask you a question?
  • I didn’t call you by chance, I need a…

Asking Questions

Asking questions helps to get the person talking. The more they talk, the more comfortable they will feel about you, especially if you are a good listener. Active listening is crucial to creating a connection with another person. It also give you more information that you can use to get past the “No”. If you are a good listener you can address any concerns the customer may have and overcome objections.


People don’t like telemarketers, that’s just a reality. They will say no, and when they do you need to be prepared. Some customers will just hang up, some will say “no” before hanging up. Other will give a reason why they don’t want to buy. This last group is your opportunity group. Check out the rebuttals to common objections below. It is our job to help them overcome the problem by providing a solution.

IMPORTANT: Geofencing views will not be launched until the payment is collected. You can sign them up and have the art department begin working on the ad proofs with them but their payment must be within 30 days. (As a sales agent you MUST have this conversation with them!)

No Thanks, Not Interested

  • Ok, I know that you’re not interested, I called you out of the blue and haven’t given you anything to be interested in. But let me ask you a question, are you interested in more business?

I Don’t Think…/ How Do You Know That It Will Work?

  • I know this works because the Veterans and First Responders are not only loyal, but they are more likely to go to a (someone / business) that supports the project than a business that doesn’t.
  • There are no guarantees in advertising, but let me ask you a question? What’s the worst thing that could happen if you invest? Now what’s the best thing that could happen? Which is more important to you?
  • At some point or another you’re going to invest in advertising or marketing, why not let us help you target your demographic? Ask them who their demographic is. Restart the conversation! 

I Can’t Afford That / Too Much Money

  • I’m not going to send the Marines down there to pick up a check today. I can send you an invoice and you can take care of then. Can we get your support on the project?
  •    Customer’s Name   , I don’t need the money today and I realize you weren’t planning on spending $_______, right? I  need a good (their services or company) on the project and you seem like a PERFECT fit! Let’s at least reserve you a spot today so that my art department can start working with you to create an amazing ad that you’ll love!
  • How many new (clients/customers) would you need from this for you to feel that support this project would be profitable for you? With  Geofencing we’ll guarantee that you’ll be seen a minimum of  25,000/50,000/100,000 times a year by your specific demographic! 

We Did Our Budget for the Year

  • Ok, I can definitely understand budget restraints, would you consider making an exception for the men and women that have served our Country? I can tell you that these resources help our Veterans and First Responders connect with job opportunities and find help for many issues they face, without local businesses standing behind our project none of it is possible. Can we get your support today? Let’s do it for these heroes!

We Don’t Advertise / Referrals

  • Ok, I can understand you guys don’t advertise, but would you make an exception to stand behind the men and women who have served?
  • Word of mouth & referrals are great, an our heroes are a demographic most likely to spread the word of who helps them. How about we get your name in front of them?
  • Why don’t you advertise?

Do not lie to the customer. Do not give them a reason to cancel. If you are up-front and honest, you will make clean sales and earn more bonuses.

More Rebuttals…

Acknowledge, Isolate, Overcome and Transition

  1. I have more business than I can handle.

(Their Name) you’re very fortunate, that’s a nice position to be in and to make sure you stay that way!  Have you thought about hiring a Veteran? Did you know that when you hire a Veteran there are tax incentives for you? That way you won’t get over whelmed by new business and keep your name out there as a proud supporter of these heroes. 

  1. I need to talk this over with my Partner/ Wife.

No problem _____, what do you think they will say? (Wait for response) I see, well let me ask you this, would they be upset with you if I got your spot at least reserved today? You do see the benefit of this right? 

  1. I am not interested. (Get them to engage, open-ended questions!)

O.K _____, Can I ask you a different question? (Wait for response) what would be holding you back today from working with the Veterans and First Responders?

  1. Send some info for me to review.

No problem what is a good email address I can send this to? (Wait for response) So I have (repeat their email address) is there something specific you would like to see? Whatever they say after that question you just asked them your response should always be “Perfect!, You do see the benefit of this right?” (Listen to their response!) Go forward and loop them if you can because most of the time they asked you to send them an email just to get YOU off the phone.  

  1. How do I know this is what you say it is?

Ask them: Are you by a computer?

(If yes, have then go to Showing them the website and having them watch the promotional video on the website is powerful! (Don’t talk when they’re watching the video)  

 (If no) Our owner is a navy veteran and we work with over 500 veteran clubs and their post commanders though out the country, none of that would be possible if we were not honest and forth coming. Do you have a good email address I can send you some information. (Repeat email address) is there something specific you would like to see?  

  1. We’re Seasonal.

When is your peak season? Can I ask what you do in the off season? Before your season you’d like to starts advertising right? What if I reserved your spot today, got our art department working with you to design the ad proofs for you to approve and once you make the payment, you can let us know when you’d like us to begin running the ads? How great is that? Can we get your support on the project today?  

  1. I’ve already spent my budget.

I really need a good reliable (Company) like yours that our Veterans & First Responders can depend on and I’m not looking to send somebody to pick up a check today. What if I reserved your spot today, got our art department working with you to design the ad proofs for you to approve and once you make the payment, you can let us know when you’d like us to begin running the ads? Does that sound fair? Can we get your support on the project today?   

  1. I use word of Mouth.

Word of mouth is great!  Veterans and First Responders always share who took care of them, so let’s get them talking about you! 

  1. I don’t advertise.

“I can understand that may I ask why that is?” 

  1. The owner is busy right now.

What is the owner’s name?  Would it be possible to get the owners email? Do you offer discounts for military or First Responders, is the owner a Veteran or First Responder?

What was your name? I’ll  make sure I let (owner’s name) know how helpful you’ve been today! 

  1. I advertise on the internet.

Perfect! So you know how times have changed, with Geofencing we can reach our heroes directly on their mobile devices and there isn’t a more loyal demographic in the country to work with. 

  1. Will I be the only one?

No, but (owner name) you don’t want your competitor getting all the business do you because this really works.