Welcome to the Community Marketing Partnership!

The Community Marketing Partnership is a Veteran-owned business founded by Scott Balsiger, a Navy Veteran. Its purpose is to provide our heroes with access to resources to help them in times of need and convey information about businesses that support their service. What we do is provide several ways to help businesses promote their services directly to the hero community.

The Community Marketing Partnership is a Public Benefit Corporation. Public Benefit Corporations seek to have a positive impact on society while also seeking to make a profit. Public Benefit Corporations have a responsibility to the community to keep our heroes in mind. 

We sell advertising to support the Project!

What is the website for Geofencing?



What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is the ability to trigger a response on a user’s smartphone when a person enters or leaves a particular geographic area. Think of geofencing as a digital boundary that you can draw as large or small as you want, wherever you want on a map. When someone enters the area outlined in your geofencing, they will see an ad that appears on a website or app while they are in the fenced area.

Geofencing essentially is the concept of putting up a virtual fence around a pre-defined geographical area with the intent to promote a business.


Why should anyone use Geofencing?

Geofencing empowers small businesses to get hyperlocal. Not just “Tucson” local. Or “Downtown” local. More like, “the corner of Main St. and 4th Avenue” local.

This is a competitive world, to say the least and it has become very important for modern day businesses to become creative and figure out new ways to grab the customers’ attention and to keep them engaged. Geofencing is one of the more unique ideas that empower businesses to provide a variety of content to a device user on the basis of their geographical location in real-time. When we say device, we include all kinds right from a desktop computer, to a mobile phone, or even a smartwatch!

Geofencing can be a cost-effective marketing strategy due to this hyper-targeted nature. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a traditional ad that will yield a low response, you are getting your product or service in front of the people most likely to use it based on where they are or what they are doing. An analysis published in Search Engine Land showed that geofenced and geo-targeted digital advertising tend to result in a doubled click-through rate, compared to digital advertising that does not use location-based services. Other research has shown that location-based advertising is 20 times more effective in generating returns than traditional advertising.


Our prices fluctuate frequently:

Ask your Trainer or a Team Leader if you have any questions related to pricing or product changes. As you become familiar with our products and services, you will learn how to properly calculate a package that meets the needs of your potential customer.

Visit https://www.easygeo.org for the most up to date pricing and options.


Who are the heroes we support?

Previously, our company focused on military Veterans, but we have broadened our support initiative to include many other deserving brave men and women. We still love our Veterans, but we also now provide support for our nation’s law enforcement, first responders, doctors, and teachers.

We soley fund our non-profit organization, Helping American Heroeswhich aims to help numerous heroes from around the country. From helping two Phoenix area Veterans get new air-conditioning units for their home to helping a Minnesota teacher obtain the materials to help her student’s plant a garden for the school. It’s about helping our community heroes.

You should also take the time to read the Company Mission & Workplace Policy. It is of the utmost importance that you understand and fully comply with the Company Policy. If you have any questions regarding our policies please do not hesitate to ask your trainer. Remember, no question is a dumb question.