Bird Dog Training Tips


Mastering the script word for word is the best way for you to transition into becoming more diverse in your hooks, perfecting your tonality, and most important becoming successful at getting transfer sales. The structure of how the script is written is designed to get you the best results in navigating the gatekeeper and also how to hook the owner for a successful transfer. So, stick to the script and become comfortable talking to customers. Be confident, use good tonality and inflection, and learn the process to become successful!

Its easy to get lulled into a flat tone when leaving the same voicemail over and over. There is a very specific script to leaving voice messages, with only a slight difference in the LOB you’re calling. This is a challenge everyone faces but it can be overcome easily by changing your mindset. Try different tonality approaches to each voicemail, such as sounding upbeat, inquisitive, or even assertive. Treat each message as if you are expecting the customer to cater to your requests. Do not vary in the verbage used, but try different approaches until you find the way that works best for you.

You will be calling various LOB’s throughout the day and here are some good one-liners that you can try until you find the one or two that work best for you:

Trades (Plumbers, HVAC, Roofers, Electricians, General Contractors, Landscapers, Painters)

  • “Are you doing residential or commercial?”

Real Estate

  • “Do you work with VA home buyers?”

Cleaning Services

Janitorial or Carpet

    • “Are you doing residential or commercial cleaning?”

Dry Cleaners

    • “Do you offer delivery and pick up?”


    • “You guys are doing remediation for mold removal and water damage right?”


    • “Do you handle REFIS?”


    • “Do you offer all types of policies?” (Such as home, life, and auto)

Tax Services

    • “Are you offering tax return advance loans?”


    • “Are you a full service repair shop?”


  • “Do you guys do interstate moves or just in-state?”

Use these lines to get the customer interested and don’t hesitate to ask others what they are using or what works best, but find what works for you and master it!

When dealing with a gatekeeper or when trying to get an owner to transfer avoid using these phrases:
  • We need work done for a project
  • We are looking for a ____ for a job
  • Looking for a loan
  • Looking for coverage
  • We work with Veteran cash buyers


Also remember to avoid saying “I”, always say “My company” or “We” so that the customer can never claim you were inquiring for a personal reason. A good rule of thumb is to reiterate to whoever that you DO NOT have the specifics of the project and that your project specialist has all the details

These are descriptions of the dispositions for Bird Dogs in VanillaSoft.

After completing a call, it is vital to select the appropriate disposition in VanillaSoft. This impacts what will happen to the lead next as well as reporting.

CB BirdDog- when needing to set a callback at a later date and time. It is a good practice if a business is temporarily closed or when needing to provide time for a customer to all back in, to set a callback. At least one callback should be set per lead. This lead should be commonly used as it’s important to get past the gatekeeper to speak to the decision maker. If the gatekeeper is unavailable, ensure you’re setting a callback to follow up.  

BD Action- when sending an email out to the customer, BD Action should be used. Anytime we have an email address on file for the customer, one should be sent. If the account does not have an email address on file, be sure to try and obtain one.

Disconnect- used only when an automated voice states the number is no longer in service or has been disconnected.

LM BirdDog- (Left Message) indicates that a message has been left with your callback information with a person or on a voice mail machine. A best practice is anytime a voicemail is available, a message should be left.

NA BirdDog- (No Answer) anytime someone does not answer; phone rings and no one picks up, a voice mail has not been set up, the voice mail box is full and you’re unable to leave a message, there’s a busy signal or fax tone.

NI BirdDog-(Not interested) once a potential customer tells you they’re not interested, they’re business is permanently closed, or the owner states they are retired. Non workable corporate accounts should also be dispositioned as NI.

Trans Live-when transferring a customer to a sales agent. Must be used to count

Spanish-customer speaks Spanish.

DNCBirdDog- When a live person advises not to call that business or an email comes back asking to be removed from the list.

Wrong #-Live person tells you that you have the wrong number.

BDSE$1DOWN- do not use, formerly used for $1 down pitch

Please do not print, dispositions are subject to change.

Last updated on 6/4/2020

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By taking the time to write down your pitch, your various hooks, and your voicemail message, you are training your brain to memorize the tools needed to be successful at your job. This also gives you the opportunity to evaluate what is working and what isn’t. Do not hesitate to practice the various ways to improve your skills while sitting at home, repetition is key. Nobody became great without first putting in the time and dedication to become that way. Remember, READ IT, WRITE IT, LEARN IT!  

Making Callbacks

You will be receiving prompts to make callbacks for the various sales agents throughout the day. Pay attention to the notes left in VanillaSoft. This does NOT mean you need to approach the sales agent in question and ask them about what is going on or what to say. All information should be within the comments/notes section of VanillaSoft. The first thing you should see is the proper extension to dial and the sales reps name. If there is no answer, leave message indicating that the sales rep in question had you reaching out and to call back to reach said sales rep.

For first time calls:

Many times you will be told to call back at a later time or date in order to speak to the owner. This can be a beneficial tactic to fine tune your approach when getting the owner on the phone. Follow these steps for every callback you set:
  • Get the name of whom you spoke to
  • Ask for an email address
  • Ask for the owner’s name so you know who to ask for
  • Find out the best time to reach them
Make sure you add these to your notes. The next time you pull the lead up you will have all the information needed to get straight to the owner. Also note anything you discovered about the hook you used and other important things that can make the callback as smooth as possible
Making a list of things to work at everyday is the best way to stay focused on what needs to be improved and achieved. By making a list of 3 goals and 3 procedural tasks to improve upon.