“So, what if I was able to simply get your card on file, we were able to get started on your ad? We will work back and forth with you until it’s something that you’re absolutely proud of. Now, as far as the initial payment of $_____, I will defer that payment until when your ad is approved OR UP TO 30 DAYS, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. Sound Good?    (What is your last name?)”

This should be used as a rebuttal to the customer’s objections and as an effort to close a sale, NOT AS YOUR PITCH! Be sure to use the salesmanship that you are capable of to get a payment and put some extra money in your pocket!

Verification Close


Hello  this  is  YOUR NAME  I  have  CUSTOMER NAME  on  the  phone  and  their  phone  number  is ________.  They  are  joining  the  Project  today with  a  Geo  campaign  for  $                     a month  for  ________  months.  Today they will be making  their first payment  of  $_________




Non Payment

Hello  this  is  YOUR NAME  I  have  CUSTOMER NAME  on  the  phone  and  their  phone  number  is ________.  They  are  joining  the  Project  today with  a  Geo  campaign  for  $               a month  for  ________  months  they  will  be  putting  a card on file and  their first  payment  of  $_______  will  be  deferred  until when the ad is approved or up 30  days,  whichever comes  first.  (LET THE VERIFIER TAKE OVER)