When a dealer listing is sold, these are the procedures you need to do:
  1. Discover who the dealership’s data provider is.
  2. Call the data provider and find out what they need from us in order for them to start sending us the data daily.
    1. Sometimes they need an email or something from the dealership authorizing us to have access to that data, and sometimes they just take our word that they said it’s okay.
    2. If there are any technical forms to fill out, send me the link and I will fill them out.
    3. Most dealerships have a subscription with their data providers that should allow us to get the feed for free somehow. Sometimes they try to make us purchase a service for them to send us the data, avoid digging into this discussion, most likely we can’t pay 100 a month for a 500 dollar sale. Contact Scott or Anthony if they won’t do it for free.
    4. We want them to upload a CSV file to an FTP site daily.
    5. Once you have everything setup and they are ready to start uploading the CSV, let Anthony know.
    6. Only after we are sure they can upload the CSV via FTP can we create an FTP Login and Password for them. If they ask for it, just tell them we will email it to them soon.
    7. From the data provider Anthony needs Company and Contact Phone number.
    8. From the customer Anthony needs the customer id or phone number.
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