Cancellation Process


Once notified by the customer they want to cancel the following steps are to be taken.

  1. Make Phone Contact to discuss the account. Once contacted try to resolve the issue and save the account.
  2. Once the CSR “SPEAKS” to the customer and the issue cannot be resolved or the account saved, it will be scheduled for the originating sales agent, for the following workday. Sales agent must make an effort within 7 days.
  3. Once the account is reviewed if at any point the sales agent lied, or misled the customer the CSR will send out, it’s your mess wufoo and schedule it immediately for the originating sales agent.
  4. CSR will schedule the account 7 days later to review. If it is deemed cancelled by the sales agent send to finance to cancel. If the account is saved follow normal procedures.
  5. CSR must always attempt to collect at a minimum the first payment for the account.
  6. Request that the customer return the package they received from us.
  7. If there has been no response from the customer for a period of at least 30 days send the account directly to finance to cancel the account. Then the CSR must notify the selling agent.
  8. If at any time while working the account the customer asks for us to stop contacting them inform a Tier 2 CSR to have the lead removed from Vanilla Soft and updated in Core.
  9. Once the account is cancelled the listing must be placed into draft mode via back office.
  10. Remember our goal is to satisfy our customers and provide the best customer service possible. We want them to remain on the project for as long as possible.

Effective 1/1/2019 a cancel is a cancel. If the sales agent does not get a credit card on file, the agent will be docked $25.00 from their hiring bonus, no exceptions.