Heroes News Network

The Heroes News Network is a multi-faceted branch of Community Marketing Partnership that provides an online listing service, we host a Heroes News Channel is over 450 venues throughout the country and most importantly we provide a wide range of resources for our veterans, active duty military, first responders, law enforcement, and teachers to show the support for their sacrifices everyday. 

We provide a wide variety of options for the customers to enlist our services

Online Web Listings

This service is basically an online yellow pages for businesses nationwide. What sets us apart from the rest of the pack is that we not only provide a clear and concise way for businesses to advertise their services but we are geared towards providing help and support to the heroes of our community. Listing their business with us on hnnusa.org, a potential customer can have the pride of being a part of a network that supports the individuals that sacrifice for them everyday. We create for them a custom full color ad that displays prominently on our listing site, hnnusa.org, and also gives the customer the chance to add their own specific images to help get their business known to all the visitors of our site that are looking for their service. We also display their contact information for easy access. Each business is listed in a specific category that pertains to their line of business or what demographic of customer they are looking to target as well as an area for them to give a description of their products. They have the option to add a video of their own that gives their potential customers the opportunity to have a glance of what their company does or what they are providing. In addition, we have an up to date Google maps locator that will give driving directions to their location so that they can be located by the locals looking to visit their location to view their products. Click here to view what a sample listing site looks like on hnnusa.org.

Heroes News Channel

In over 450 venues across the country we set up big screen TV’s that air the Heroes News Channel. In addition to running the advertisements of our various customers we offer the people who frequent these venues valuable information and resources for the Heroes of our communities, as well as a variety of trivia, up to date news stories concerning our veterans, law enforcement, first responders, and teachers. Not to mention heart warming coming home videos that illustrate the pride we feel in supporting these brave men and women who return to their loved ones. A great selling point for this is the fact that many of our supporting venues have Heroes that frequent these places and will reach a target group of individuals in a place they know and trust.

Go-Mobile Using Our Geo-Fencing Services

We have incorporated the advanced marketing techniques used by some of the biggest companies in the world to target individuals through their consumer interests, visitation and search patterns. We have made it to where we target the various fire and police stations and military installations that our Heroes frequent in order to put our customers on the smart devices of the people that are actively seeking their services. We offer a radius of up to 25 miles and an amount of impressions for them to choose from in order to best gain the exposure they would like to achieve for their business. As some of you are familiar with the Easy Geo sales you have a better understanding of the geo fencing aspect but this service through HNN does not offer the variety of specific targeting groups or zip codes, nor does it offer the choice of action video ads. The advantage of this feature is that we are targeting the Heroes and the places they frequent which is what the Heroes News Network strives to do, advertising opportunities for the men and women who deserve the best possible services and products available with a more personalized touch.