How can Automotive use HNN?

The automotive industry covers a wide range of different markets. Every American with a vehicle will eventually need some type of repair and as a sales agent, you will be in contact with many kinds of automotive services, from the basic mom and pop repair shop to large new car dealerships. With HNN, we can target specific Veterans clubs in the area to let the local military population know what options they have with local dealerships and auto repair shops.

  • Do you offer a Veteran, First Responder or any type of discount? (If no) With HNN, we can target the local Veterans Posts, to promote your business. (If yes) With HNN, we can promote your business directly to the Veteran community.
  • (Parts Stores) If they are corporate, don’t just give up. Find out if their corporate is known to do local advertising and see if you can get information about the department at corporate who may make marketing decisions. It is always worth a try. (Note that even some chain parts stores can be locally owned)
  • Some people like to repair their own vehicles or they have an automotive project that they work on as a hobby. As a parts store, help bridge the connection between your business and the local Veteran Population.
  • When it’s a tow service ask if it’s 24-7 towing. With HNN we can target the local Veteran Population and let them know that if their vehicle breaks down they will have a trusted company they can count on!!
  • Everyone is looking for a quality repair shop that they can trust with their vehicle. With HNN, we can target the local Veteran Population letting them know that you are reliable and always there to help our heroes!!
  • Do you do oil changes/tire rotations/tune-ups/etc.? With HNN, we can promote your business along with specific services you provide and target the local military population and their families!!
  • Are you approved to do warranty repairs on newer vehicles? Some car shoppers do not like going to dealerships and prefer the coziness of a smaller repair shop. With HNN we can let the local Veteran Population know by promoting your repair shop directly inside the Veterans Posts on our Heroes News Network.

Automotive Repair

There are more than 700,000 auto service technicians and mechanics in the U.S. Finding the right professionals can be overwhelming, especially when it’s an emergency, but having knowledge of the different types of businesses can help. Review a few important facts about auto repair professionals and what you can do to get the best possible mechanic working on your vehicle’s issues for a fair price.

Think About This: Our objective is to connect the right demographic with the services they need.  Moreover, if they offer any type of discount, we can display that for them if they allow us to use their Victor Display Ad on our Heroes News Network and our targeting groups to help them get that message out!

Regular checkups are recommended. Tires must be rotated, fluids need to be replaced and the engine must be evaluated. After driving 25,000 miles, most auto dealers suggest having the vehicle checked out to ensure everything is running smoothly (this could be used for their ad). Taking the car into the auto repair professional you trust will protect you from further problems down the road.

Remember this: Many new car dealerships also have repair shops to handle warranty work. Advertising for a dealership can be used to promote their warranty repair service (or it could be sold as a separate ad!).

Automotive Paint and Body

Automotive paint and body shops (to be called autobody from this point forward) are almost as common as repair shops. Some autobody shops deal strictly with simple full-body paint jobs, others do all-out customizations. Just in between are the collision repair shops which form the largest part of the autobody market. With HNN, we can target the local Veterans Posts to let them know what services your providing and that you also are supporting the local Veterans Posts.

Franchise Paint Shops

A good example of a franchise paint shop is the Maaco chain. For the most part, their business is based on quick full-body paint jobs at low prices. These types of shops are primarily for customers who are looking for a quick color change on their vehicle at a good price. Remember the slogan “you get what you pay for”? That is definitely true in the auto body industry. Most people who use these types of services are trying to get their vehicle ready for a quick sale. By letting these businesses know they can use HNN to promote their quick and reliable services to the local Veteran Population, it gets them thinking about more clients in their door and more money in their pocket.

Customizing Body Shops

At the other end of the spectrum are the high-end custom shops. These shops will generally spend weeks or even months on a vehicle. Customers seeking the help of a custom paint and body shop are typically preparing their vehicle for a show. They want their vehicle to stand out. These shops have high rates. With HNN, we can target the local Veteran population, to market their business directly to their local HEROES.

Collision Repair

Collision repair shops are the most common type of autobody shops, mostly because of the demand. Some collision shops dabble in specialty and custom jobs, but their primary source of income is repairing vehicles that have been in accidents. In fact, if a shop can maintain a steady flow of work, the profit margin is higher on collision repair than any other autobody service. With their VICTORY DISPLAY AD, we can use this to our advantage by letting them know their is no better demographic to target then their locla heroes.

More on Collision Repair

Collision repair shops provide a wide range of services designed to help a car recover completely from body damage. These shops provide auto body repair using state-of-the-art equipment, and they can remove small dents and dings with a process called paintless dent repair. 

The cost of repairing auto body damage can range from $450 -$10,000 or more. A dented bumper can cost roughly $450 to repair and $900 to replace. If a car has suffered rear-end damage in a collision, the cost can range from a few-hundred dollars to replace the bumper to more than $10,000 to correct severe structural damage. With new insurance standards, some cars will not be repaired and considered “totaled” if the airbags have been deployed. By asking if they offer any type of discount can promote that in using our services.

This depends on the severity of the work that needs to be done. Something such as paint less dent repair for a few small dents can take an hour. Whereas auto body repairs for damages caused by a major accident can take multiple days to correct.

There are generally two types of collision repair shops:

Mom and Pop Shops:

The first, and most common, is the “mom and pop” shops. These repair shops aren’t necessarily owned by a father or a mother, but family is usually involved. They are small businesses that rely on word of mouth to get their name out into the world.

Very rarely will these types of collision repair shops invest in large marketing campaigns, but local print and web marketing is profitable to them. This will be your key sales demographic. Focus on how we can target the local Veterans Posts in their city!

Dealership Repair Shops:

Dealerships have two huge advantages in that they have money and profile on their side. First of all, they have the money to purchase (or the good credit to lease) the best equipment available, and they will upgrade it more often. More money also allows them to hire more employees which allows specific workers to concentrate on one area of work. For example, in a smaller shop, a body technician may double as a paint prep, whereas in larger shops these positions would be handled by specific employees.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a newer autobody technique that can result in complete removal of dents, but generally only in minor/shallow dents. Larger dents may not be removed completely through PDR, which has limited capabilities. These dents might require a more traditional and labor intensive (costly) repair to fully remove it. Every dent must be addressed individually to know if PDR is the best option for complete removal.

The types of dents that can be repaired without using paint are generally smaller, straight-impact dents that leave a clean dent with no surface damage. Hail is a perfect example of a dent that can be repaired using PDR, as it generally leaves a small dent, or dents, that can be pushed out from the backside of the surface with ease.

The primary drawback of paintless dent repair is small, yet detectable imperfections in the panel and the paint may still be present after the repair. The only way to return the panel to original factory condition may be through more intensive processes that include sanding, body filling, and paint. Some damages may prevent the panel from returning to the integrity of the original condition.

Many auto body repair shops offer paint less dent repair, but it is not a primary source of business. Most paint less dent repair companies are mobile and will work on a customer’s vehicle at their home or work. Some insurance companies prefer paint less dent repair in certain situations. In fact, after large hail storms, insurance companies will often contract with specific dent repair companies to handle all of the work. With HNN, we can promote a PDR service with a very specific Victory Display Ad that will run on our Heroes News Network and also will be displaayed locally on

Other Automotive

Auto Parts Stores

Obviously, vehicles of all kinds are made up of miscellaneous parts, and just like with any other piece of machinery, individual parts tend to wear and break down. In most cases, parts break down due to wear. This is where the reliable parts store comes in.

There are also shops that deal specifically with one brand or type of vehicle. For example, there are parts stores that sell parts specifically for Mercedes or Volkswagen. These retailers will have a mixture of manufacturer and aftermarket parts, and some will even deal in used parts if they are hard to come by new. There are also vehicle-type-specific retailers that sell products and parts designed for a specific type of vehicle, such as trucks. With HNN, we can create an ad that has a certain vehicle-type or certain parts for specific demographics.

Aftermarket parts

Depending on the part and its overall quality, a good amount of money can be saved by purchasing aftermarket parts versus Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. But aftermarket part stores have parts that are low in price and might also be lower in quality causing more harm than good to your car, or they may need to be replaced more frequently than a more expensive counterpart. This could lead to saving some money in the short term, but spending more than anticipated in the long term. By asking these businesses if they have old, new or both types of parts in stock we can promote with HNN reaching the local Veteran Population!!

Used parts

Salvage yards collect old vehicles and the accompanying parts. Depending on the condition, the materials can either be repaired or sold. Parts are then made available for purchase. Salvage yards play a big role in ensuring old vehicles are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The auto industry is the largest in the world and therefore generates the most waste.

Junkyards tend to operate on a local basis and typically purchase damaged cars from insurance companies, auto owners or cities looking to tow abandoned vehicles. Salvage yards then dismantle cars for sell-able parts, while unusable components are scrapped and recycled. With HNN, we can target the local Veteran Population to help promote their business.

The first type of salvage location is known as a you-pick yard. Here, a buyer brings their own tools and walk around with full reign to take any parts they find. They can set out to find a specific part for that much-needed repair, or they may stumble upon an item that is harder to find and carries a high market value. A you-pick yard offers endless opportunities and costs very little to run, which directly benefits salvagers because so many types of salvage yards are popping up, according to Popular Mechanics. With HNN, we can help the owner promote their business to the right demographics.

The second type of salvage yard is known as full-service. Here, a buyer directly requests certain parts and workers will deliver them to the front desk. No tools are required, nor will time be spent wandering the endless car piles. The catch: buyers need to pay a fee for the added convenience.

A salvage yard might test used car parts before selling them, but customers should ask whether tests have been performed on the part or not. All parts, especially electrical components, should be tested prior to purchase. Most salvage yards and auto repair shops should have a 12-volt battery to test electrical parts. By asking if they test parts builds value and they can put that on the ad we create for them.

Some used part dealers accept returns if the component is returned with the original invoice. Some dealers might charge a re-stocking fee for returns. Others may not accept returns at all. It’s common for dealers to not accept returns on electrical parts. Customers should ask about return policies before purchasing. With HNN, we can promote any return policy and target the local Veteran Posts letting our heroes know not only that you are supporting them but that you are providing these services!!

Auto Glass

Larger national companies spend millions of dollars every year on advertising, an expense the smaller companies just can’t afford. The good thing (for the glass companies) is that roughly 180,000 windshield are cracked each day, so there’s plenty of customers.

For example, the average city has roughly 25 Safelite installers driving around the city at one time; whereas smaller companies have 2 or 3 installation vans.

Smaller glass companies are likely to invest in web-based advertising because most people are now searching for emergency auto glass repairs on their phone. Tell the potential customer that their Victory Display Ad will be featured and seen on T.V.’s inside the local Veterans Posts and on our website, so the Veteran community can see their ad in their own homes and when they are at their favorite Post!! The term “VETERAN” is a good psychological link to a business.

On average, it costs between $150 and $300 to replace a windshield and $50 to $100 for chip repair. On newer vehicles the replacement process can be a little more difficult due to manufacturer requirement and proprietary materials. By asking if they offer any type of discount, we can promote that with HNN and in doing so we can promote this directly to their local heroes!!

With most vehicles, any company, large or small will be able to replace a windshield in the same day. Most of the larger companies make deals with the smaller companies to sell them windshields a little above cost, so companies like Safelite are both installers and retailers. The smaller companies may charge a little more, but most will go out of their way to provide great service.

Side windows and rear windows are usually not as available as windshields, so replacements may take a little longer. By asking if they have any side and rear windows builds value to help promote that along with anything else they offer to the Veterans.

Sales Points with Auto Glass Installers:

  • As with any industry, ask them if they offer any discounts. With HNN and the local Veteran Posts, can promote them and their discount within the lcoal Veteran community.
  • Ask them if they do emergency repairs or installation. Most people looking for windshield replacements need it done quickly and efficiently. With HNN and the local Veteran Posts, we can promote these services to the local heroes!

Towing Services

Towing is not the same as vehicle transport. Vehicle transport is to move a vehicle long distances, whereas towing is generally to move an inoperable vehicle a short distance. Most vehicle towing takes place under emergency circumstances, such as an overheated engine on the highway or an accident that prevents the vehicle from being driveable.

Most tow services operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and have multiple tow trucks. They are typically family-owned with only a handful of employees. The majority of a towing company’s business revolves around emergency aid for vehicle owners whose vehicles have broken down. However, some towing companies will contract with the local municipality to enforce parking violations. Others will provide repossession services for banks and other lenders.

Most cities have a large number of Towing companies. There are over 400 in Phoenix, AZ and more than 900 in Los Angeles, CA. What does this mean? It means there is a lot of competition, so any edge these companies can get is good for them and with HNN, we can help by helping them stand out to the local Veteran Population!!

Success Tip: Towing companies want to advertise if it will provide them an edge. While we do not offer exclusivity, we can use our Victory Display Ads to target the local Veterans Posts to help them stand out to THE BEST demographic there is, OUR HEROES!!

Towing costs an average of around $80 nationally, but the range is wide depending on vehicle type and miles to destination. Some tow companies participate in roadside insurance programs like AAA. When a driver calls their roadside assistance provider because they have a flat tire or run out of gas, a contracted tow company will be dispatched to help out. In these cases, the roadside assistance provider will pay the tow company directly.

As with any of the automotive industries, always ask if the tow company offers a Veteran, First Responder or any other type of discount. This is always a good question to ask because it can be a selling point for the advertising you are promoting.

New and Used Car Dealerships

In 2018, Americans bought 17.2 million new cars, trucks and SUVs. The number of used cars that were sold in the United States is even more staggering at 40 million. The automotive market is huge, and with an ever-growing population, the market will grow even larger with the help of HNN. We are able to use our Victory Display Ads to potentially bring the local Veteran consumers their way. Dealerships are divided into two categories: New and Used.

New Car Dealers

While new car dealers will also sell used vehicles that they have taken in on trade, their primary source of sales income is new vehicles. Generally, the owner or owners of the dealership will sign contracts with automotive distributors (which are essentially the manufacturers) to sell a specific make of vehicle. There are many conditions a dealership must meet in order to remain a dealership for a given auto company. Examples of these stipulations are below:

  • Only one brand can be sold on the lot (used cars are generally exempt, but the contract will require that the used car section of the lot be separated from the new cars). With HNN, we can use our Victory Display Ads to target the local Veteran Population to drive more customers to their dealership.
  • Some auto manufacturers require the dealership to make a minimum number of sales in a specified period in order to get lower per/unit pricing. With HNN, we can target the local Veteran Population to help drive more customers to their dealership as Veterans always share with their fellow Vets who took excellent care of them!!

Quite often, particularly toward the end of a production year, manufacturers will try to boost sales of current year models by creating a manufacturer’s rebate. One thing a manufacturer does not want is to have an excess of current model year vehicles on lots when they are about to begin production of the next year’s vehicles. So what they do is create a “rebate” that essentially drops the manufacturer’s price to a smaller profit margin above costs. With HNN, we can use our Victory Display Ads on the Heroes News Network so that potentially doesn’t happen.

Auto manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year on marketing campaigns and a lot of money is spent on individual dealerships. New car dealerships primarily advertise because the manufacturer provides the majority of their advertising campaign materials. With HNN, we can advertise a dealership to the local Veteran Population to help keep them hyper local with their marketing campaign.

Warranty Repairs and Dealership Service Departments

With new automotive technologies, warranties are lasting longer and longer. Back in the late 90’s early 2000’s, Hyundai was the first to offer a 10 year unlimited warranty—twice the length of any manufacturer’s warranty at the time. Now lifetime warranties which cover oil changes are becoming normal. When talking to dealerships ask what type of warranty they offer.

This keeps the dealership’s service center very busy. Depending on the average hourly rate in the area and what that manufacturer will pay back, the service center at a dealership can make a great deal of money. This is why many large dealerships will advertise separately for their sales department and their service department.

Success Tip: If you are on the verge of selling to a dealership, and they have a service center, be sure to verbally illustrate the idea that with HNN we can link their website to their ad that highlights both parts of the business, or we could create separate advertisements for the sales and service departments for a nominal charge. Using HNN, we can let the local Veteran population know about both the dealership and service center.

A note on special automotive benefits for our military and first responders:

Many auto manufacturers offer military, veteran, police, and fire rebates to help support them. For example, Chevrolet offers a rebate of up to $1500 for military and veterans. Toyota has special programs for police, fire and EMT employees that are different from state to state as well. You can ask the dealer if they are aware of these programs with their designated brand, but the dealership often doesn’t have control over these. However, some dealerships will provide down payment support for certain demographics.

The VA does offer a benefit of up to $20,114.34 to help Veterans with service-related injuries.

Used Car Dealers

There are far more used car dealers than there are new car dealers, primarily because there are more used cars on the streets than there are new cars.

There are a number of different types of used car resale lots: small businesses that have 10 to 40-car lots, large franchises that offer in-house financing, used car lots at new car dealerships, and used rental car dealers. When talking to used car dealerships, ask questions like how many car lots they have, if they offer in-house financing, if they have a website (that way we can link it to their custom ad). Build value to make the sale by asking questions you have a general idea of what the answer might be.

Why would a consumer purchase a vehicle from a used car dealer over a new car dealer? There are many possible answers to this question, but they usually center on money. Every once in a while a consumer may be looking for a specific vehicle that is no longer available at a new car dealership, but finances are usually the core of the used car choice. With HNN, we can create an ad to target the local Veteran population to let them know what services you offer and how you can help them purchase their new vehicle!!

Some people recognize this and get their Dodge Challenger for $7,000 less just by being patient and purchasing used only a few months later. And with the manufacturers more willing to transfer warranties to second owners, buying used is the better deal. Moreover, there are typically many more financing options available for used cars, though the lengths of loans are generally not as long as they can be with a new car loan.

Many of the used car dealers that you are likely to be working with are small to medium in size with anywhere from 10 to 40 cars on the lot. These smaller businesses tend to have one or two salesmen, versus 10 or more at a new car dealership. Some smaller lots will straight-out purchase vehicles without the owner purchasing another car from the lot, while some will only take in vehicles on trade. With HNN, we can target the local Veteran Posts to let them know with a very specific ad what vehicles/services your offering!!

Things to keep in mind about used car dealerships:

  • Quite often the owner of a smaller lot is also one of the salesmen. They know you are trying to sell them and they may test your skills. There is nothing wrong with that, just be ready for it.
  • Smaller used car dealers do rely on advertising and word of mouth. With HNN, we can promote their business to target specific Veteran Posts that are near their dealership or close by.

Success Tip: While working with potential clients from these smaller lots, focus on the idea that with HNN, we can target the local Veteran Posts to promote your business to your local heroes!!

Used Rental Lots

Another type of used resale lot you may come in contact with is the used rental car lot. Large rental car companies like Budget, Dollar, and Enterprise replace their rental vehicles every 9 to 12 months. They need to do something with the vehicles being taken out of rotation. A few of the vehicles will be “gifted” to top earning or hard-working employees, others will be donated to charities, but most will be resold to the public.

Even though these vehicles have had a large number of drivers (usually more than 50), they are generally in great condition and well-maintained. Moreover, they are typically only one model-year old and sell for less than their blue-book value because of mileage; rental cars generally have a lot of miles on them. Some rental cars will have up to 40 or 50 thousand miles in a single year; whereas the average mileage a single owner puts on their car is around 10,000 miles. With HNN, we can promote all that a used rental lot has to offer and target the local Veteran population!!

Typically, the manufacturer’s warranty is NOT intact on a rental car; however, many used rental dealers will often offer a 2 or 3 year warranty and give the buyer the ability to purchase extended warranties. Some of these dealers will even offer a 30-day money back guarantee. When speaking to these dealers, ask if they offer any type of warranty or discount that way we can promote that directly to the local military population.

Get the Automotive Industry To Say “Yes” (with brief explanation)

  • Do you offer Veteran, first responder or any other type of discount? With HNN, we can target the local military Posts with a Victory Display Ad and promote your services on our Heroes News Network TV’s that are inside these posts!!
  • (Dealerships) Do you offer warranty repair service? (Many new car dealerships also have repair shops to handle warranty work and we can promote that on the Ad for them)
  • (Glass company) Have you ever done emergency repairs or installation. Most people looking for windshield replacements need it done quickly and efficiently. With HNN, we can reach the local Veteran population by broadcasting you on our Heroes News Channel.
  • (Parts Stores) If they are corporate, don’t just give up. Find out if their corporate is known to do local advertising and see if you can get information about the department at corporate who may make marketing decisions.
  • Some people like to repair their own vehicles or they have a special project that they work on as a hobby. As a parts store, wouldn’t you want to help bridge the connection between your business and the local Veteran Population?
  • With the type of services you provide, doesn’t it make smart business sense to let the local Veteran population know your providing excellent services for them?
  • Do you offer 24-7 towing service? With HNN, we can promote that service to DITRECTLY to the local military and Veteran population.
  • Do you do oil changes/tire rotations/tune-ups/etc.? With HNN, we can promote your business along with the specific services you provide DIRECTLY to your local Heroes!!
  • Everyone with a vehicle is looking for a quality repair shop that they can trust and with HNN, we can target the local military and Veteran population to let them know that you are supporting the local heroes!!