Employment Listings

Your customers can now post employment opportunities on our site. This function will give businesses access to the employment section of our website, and above all, access to potential employees that are reliable, trustworthy and hard workers.

Employers can manually input job listings, or they can use an automatic import via CSV file or and Indeed XML file.

Employer Input involves the employer accessing the site and filling in each field for the job they intend to post. This is done though the “Post Job” button. Employers can be specific as they want about requirements for the job, including educational and experience requirements.

Automatic Import is done through a CSV spreadsheet file or an Indeed XML file obtained from Indeed. This is mainly convenient for businesses uploading a large number of job postings. Most businesses will use the Employer Input alternative.


The current Prices are: $225 for 3 months, $390 for 6 months, and $600 for a full year. These packages should only be added to the Victory Display and Platinum Web packages!

This ability is NOT included with the Support Our Troops Packages!