Assume the Sale

What is Assumptive Selling?

The assumptive selling technique, also known as a presumptive close, takes place when a salesperson intentionally assumes that the customer has already said yes to the sale. For example, an assumptive statement from the salesperson might be “So how do you spell your last name? What’s the official name of your business? What’s a good email address that my arts and graphics dept. can use to work on your ad?”

The assumptive close works well because it comes across as professional and is used as part of an intentional sales process. To implement it effectively, you must have a confident tonality, understand if the customer’s on the phone with you while trying to close then they are interested. If you have listened well and matched the customer up with the perfect product or solution for their needs, then there is nothing more to discuss with the customer, except for how they intend to pay for their purchase.

Start with clear Objectives, CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY!!!

  • Know your close
  • Always speak clearly and confidently
  • Don’t fear the close
  • Ask for the money



You Must ask for Payment on EVERY Call

It’s simple just try it!!!

“So would you like to take care of that payment with a Visa or Mastercard”