CHANGAROO is upon you!

First I want to thank you for adapting to the recent changes in prices.

The economy is causing us to adapt to new realities – prices are going up up and up. One small example – in Jan of this year, your 6 pack of coffee creamer cost us $10 – today its $15 (and rising). You folks drink up about 100 packs a year, so just in creamer we will spend $1,500 vs $1,000 this year.

The Housing market is tanking FAST, really fast. But I see $$$ coming our way due to rising interest rates and dropping home prices. Why? Because real estate agents now need to market themselves and their clients homes more than they have had to do in years. It’s a lot easier to sell water when people are thirsty.

Bonus $$ – The month of August brings you several honey pots of money.

  1. ProCards – Sell 20 or more in August and you rack in $100 bonus on Premium or $50 on Basic.
  2. Don’t sell 19 and ask for a waiver. Won’t happen.
  3. If you set clients up with 3 payments, and they don’t pay us those failed sales won’t count towards your goal of 20. Best to sell more than 20 or get PIF’s
  4. You can use coupons to reduce the price, but any reduction comes out of your bonus.
  5. Think you can sell HNN? Great, because I know you can!
    A.  Cost is $687. Your bonus $100 PIF. $40 if you set them up on 3 payments

B.   Sell an add on for this package and you’ll get 100% of the first month payment – $25, $40 or $50

C.   Want a $2,500 bonus? Sell a nationwide package and its all yours. Want more info? Talk to your manager about becoming a salesperson for hnnusa – but first learn about what hnnusa is and what it stands for.

The new Bonus Structure is as follows:

Sales Agents

Bird Dog Bonus Structure