New “Sales Dog” and “Sales Dog+” Positions!!

There are some new changes that have taken place inside the office!!

There are now “Bird Dogs” “Sales Dogs” and “Sales Dog +” positions with more positions available soon!!

There are no new changes to the BD at this time. The SD positions are the ones this effects most!! All “Sales Dogs” are now required to dial out and transfer calls into the QUE “199” as themselves (i.e. Roy Butler, Bruce Williams, Isaiah Chapman, etc….).

As a “Sales Dog +” you will be required to be in the “QUE” at ALL times (with the exception of call backs). The rollover calls ARE TO BE ANSWERED!! All inbound calls, including BD and SD transfers, will automatically go to the QUE first then to the rollover. Make sure that you are answering the rollovers and that you HANG UP the first line BEFORE you answer the rollover call!!

The reason for the change is it will produce more sales as well as produce more money for EVERYONE that is involved with the sale!! For example: You as a Sales Dog leave a VM as a “Cory”. That customer calls back in and you happen to be the lucky one to pick up the overflow. You then sell the client on a 12 month $219 a month package. You not only will get credit for the sale 1.5%, but you will ALSO get credit for the BD transfer as well of .5%!!

Just remember with change ALWAYS comes more opportunities as sales agents and employees with CMP to MAKE MORE MONEY!!!!

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