New Guarantee

Our guarantee is your assurance that:

1.   100% of your purchased views will be delivered.*

2.   100% of your purchased clicks/engagements will occur.*

3.   You will always speak to a live US based team member.

4.   Your performance data will never be manipulated.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship!

*Here are a few examples to explain your guarantee;

1.   Your 25,000 view campaign targets people in Great Falls Montana who are interested in lamas (yes, we really can target that group!), it could take up to a year to deliver all of your targeted views and clicks/engagements. If we do not fulfill your purchased views, clicks/engagements in 12 months we will refund 100% of your money!

2.   You purchased 100,000 views to target people looking for mortgages in San Diego CA. and want to use 25,000 views monthly for 4 straight months. Displaying your ad 100,000 times in 4 months can be achieved, however geo fencing works so well because your “retargeting” potential clients multiple times. In fact the more they search and express interest, the more often they will see your ad. Your guaranteed clicks/engagements are based on historical averages clients receive over 12 months. Your probably asking yourself, “So are my clicks/engagements guaranteed or not?” YES they are! At no additional cost to you, we will display your ad to your potential clients until your purchased click/engagements are meet. This may take few weeks or several months, if we do not fulfill your purchased views, clicks/engagements in 12 months we will refund 100% of your money!

Creatives that do not meet standards for best practices may void the engagement guarantee.

What does that mean? Simply put, some clients insist on ads that look like a small novel! Honestly, very few people are going to click on those ads. In this day and age many people’s attention span is too short. The ads we design work! We have created 100,000’s of ads and know what works and what doesn’t. If we believe your ad won’t perform we will still gladly run it, however the clicks/engagements guarantee no longer applies.

If you have one of these businesses; Alternative Medications, Tobacco and Vape Shops, CBD or Medical Marijuana we have the best proven results in your industry, however due to privacy laws,  and vendors we must use to get you business, the clicks/engagements cannot be identified, hence no guarantee on clicks/engagements.

Need to cancel after 6 months?

We understand, your situation may have changed or you just want to try something else. Simply let us know, preferably a month or so sooner so we can evaluate and help you meet your business goals. You will be refunded any unused views that you purchased. If you purchased views at a prepay discount, your refund will be based on the what your cost would have been if you had not prepaid for bulk views. Example, if stopped your 100,000 view campaign at 6 months and used 50,000 views paying us $249 monthly, no refund would be due, nor any more money owed. Your total investment would have been $1494.00. If you had chosen a prepay discount of 10% you would have invested $2,689.20 and your refund would be $1,195.20