Ask For The Money

Ask For The Money & Everybody Wins

Everybody wants to feel like they are getting the “treatment”, like they are special or have an advantage over their competitor. A great way to do this, as well as add some money to your bonus is by offering the reduced payment rates for an investment today. When you are engaging and closing your deals, the customer might say something along the lines of wanting something extra in return for an initial investment. Use this as a good way to ask them to make an annual, semi-annual or quarterly payment. This doesn’t only have to be presented to them as a way to save money, it can be used to give them something more for less. For example, if getting the customer to pay annually, you are in fact giving them the exposure for an entire 12 months for the price of 9 1/2 months. So if the customer says something like ” Well if you’re asking me for money up front, I want a couple months free”, be confident in telling them about how you can do them a favor by taking advantage of these savings today. Verification is going to ask if you don’t so take advantage of this deal.