Farmer’s Affinity Program

Remember that a good hook for FARMERS INSURANCE is the AFFINITY PROGRAM (Up to 18% eligible for a variety of professions, teachers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics). This is an occupational discount that they offer to HEROES for their insurance policies. Remember to use it to disrupt the pattern with the gate keepers and build value the the principal agents.

Use this as an opportunity to not only hook the customer but also to inform them of what our company’s mission is, to provide support to the Heroes of our communities. This can also be a way for you to learn more about any other incentive programs they offer and to just get a better understanding of the demographics they are looking to target specifically for their marketing.

Any other insurance company that you talk to potentially offers that occupational discount. So when calling make sure and utilize it for your advantage when calling various insurance companies. Again, use this in as way to learn more about what their marketing needs are and ways to hook the other companies in the insurance business.