We do not guarantee leads(12/07/2020)

Recently we have had an increase in our staff being observed telling our clients a they will get customers or leads from this ad. Moving forward, any agent promising that a customer will get leads will have disciplinary action immediately. Read all of this, including Scott’s message at the bottom. Examples of bad verbiage:
  • “Should get leads”
  • “There is a potential of you getting leads”
  • “You’ll get 8-12 (or any number) leads”
  • “It will happen, you will get leads”
  • “We will send you leads”
  • “We can guarantee you leads”
  • “Most people get xx amount of leads each month”
  • Any other variation that makes the buyer believe we guarantee/promise they will get customer leads (or any amount of customers, contacts, etc.)
Disciplinary action for the above offense is as follows:
  • 1st OFFENSE- 50% deduction of initial hiring bonus
  • 2nd OFFENSE- 100% deduction of initial hiring bonus
  • 3rd AND FINAL OFFENSE- Loss of hiring bonus and permanent demotion to a full time bird dog for the remainder of employment with Community Marketing Partnership.
Instead try the following!
  • We guarantee you 24,000/48,000/96,000 views! We guarantee 256/512/1,024 engagements/clicks on their ad. As you know, the first step is to get the customer to click on your ad so you can begin earning their business by having them call or email you!
  • What I can guarantee is that your ad will be seen an average of 2000/4000/8000 times a month and with those views we are seeing an average of 22/44/88 engagements/clicks a month. As for how many customers that will turn into, I can’t make any guarantees.
  • I’ve been doing this a while and would never guarantee how someone is going to react to your ad, however I do know we are averaging 22/44/88 engagements/clicks a month. That means people are seeing and clicking on the ads.
  • I can guarantee views and engagements/clicks, not results!

FINAL THOUGHTS FROM SCOTT: Some of your clients are telling you they are only interested if we guarantee leads. Yes there are companies like zillow premiere agents that promise leads – they do this by using using zillow owned phone numbers and when someone calls it is routed to an agent who signed up for the program. Cost is $50-$200 per call with a high minimum monthly buy in. We charge $219 a month for a 48,000 view campaign and guarantee 528 engagements/clicks. Read these reviews found at www.g2.com/products/zillow-premier-agent/reviews :

Bogus Leads” The fact that I spent $1300 a month, equivalent to my mortgage payment in San Diego, CA to be sent bogus leads! Majority of the people inquiring were asking about homes that were already sold, weren’t even on the market or were for sale by owner.

“Waste of Money” Unless flushing money down the toilet every month doesn’t bother you. These are not buyers! My rep told me I should get one sale for every 25 leads. In the 4 months I’ve had it, have not received even 10 leads. They all go to the agents paying $2K plus for leads. The more you pay the more you can play! These “leads” All tire kickers, they waste your time. They are not warm leads at all. Please avoid. I have 2 mo left on my contract. $550 per month which is a lot of money for me to get NO RETURN on my investment. I should’ve known better. Please don’t pay for real estate buyer leads!

“Rip Off” The leads I received were never vetted. I got people who were really not interested in buying anything, they just wanted to know what the “catch” was on properties that were listed quite low.

“Absolute Waste of Money” 95% of these “leads” aren’t legitimate leads. Most of the time, these people either have an agent and lie by saying they aren’t working with an agent, so you waste your time with them. They just want you to answer questions and aren’t serious about buying. You pay hundreds and maybe even thousands a month just to have someone waste your time and money.

“Garbage” They mislead you, then lie to you, then fall off once called out on their BS. I can’t stress this enough – don’t use Zillow for anything. If you’re an Agent, don’t use them. They have no desire nor commitment to see you succeed. They are strictly out for their dollar and nothing else. Literally, after dropping $20k + with them, they offered zero value.