Never Tell A Customer They Can Cancel

Our guarantee is your assurance that at the end of your subscription term:

  1. 100% of your purchased ads will be delivered.*
  2. 100% of your purchased engagements will occur.*
  3. You will always speak to a live US based team member.
  4. Your performance data will never be manipulated.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship!

Example: With a 12 month advance bundle package, you will receive 48,000 ads delivered to your target audience and 528 engagements by the end of your 12 month subscription. Actual view and engagement totals will vary monthly, as we monitor and update the performance of your package.

* We cannot guarantee performance for subscription terms less than 6 months in length, for any campaigns with restricted lines of business or subscriptions that are cancelled before the end of the subscription term. Current restricted lines of business include Alternative Medications, Tobacco and Vape Shops.

Regular payments refers to the monthly service payments made on your account.  Initial setup fees nor $1 payments made as part of the dollar down programs do not count toward the 6 payment minimum.