Listening To Improve Communication

There is nothing easy about what we do here but it is enjoyable. That being said, it is necessary to absorb as many rebuttal tactics and methods from the running backs as possible. They aren’t trying to impede your ability but are there to improve and broaden your range of tools to close sales. There isn’t an objection that hasn’t been heard nor one that can’t be overcome. These gentlemen are here for your benefit and it would behoove you to take advantage of the help they provide and to store their tactics for later use. Listening to what the customer says leads to overcoming their objections, so instead of only parroting the running backs, pay attention to what they are saying, the customer is telling you how to sell them!

Make sure to do some self evaluation on your tactics when approaching each call. The key to getting the sale starts with your attitude and confidence. Having the attitude that each call will be a sale is the first step. We deal with a lot of rejection, but that should never translate into becoming afraid of finding a steady and good tonality. People are just naturally more inclined to be receptive to a voice that has an even and positive tonality to it. What we all must remember is that people don’t buy a product based solely on its value but on how the product is presented. As verbal sales people, you have a distinct advantage in your ability to engage a customer and win them over with charm and charisma. The same ten words can come across to a person a thousand different ways, so stay upbeat and make your face on the phone one that will get people to trust and be receptive. Also be sure to listen to what is being said to you no matter what their tonality is because you never know what rebuttal or way in you might be able to glean from a customer’s objection